Cosmetic Lotro

Encroaching winter



Hurray it’s snowing!
Winter is here, although here in Europe I have not seen any snow yet. Many people are busy with preparations for the December month, including myself. Even LOTRO is preparing for winter and has released the Yule Festival on the Bullroarer server for testing. This allows us a sneakpeak into what is to come for the holidays and to my delight there will finally be a change of cosmetic design. This is for the first time since Summer 2013 that we’re going to see something other than the bathrobe cosmetic! The design is based on a Rise of Isengard quest reward armour piece. Click here for a preview if you’re curious.


My dwarf winter outfit for this year makes use of a piece from the Beorning starter instance. The two sets of armour that you get from this starter instance are the only Beorning pieces with a unique appearance available in the entire game. Their appearances are mixed up, so will look different depending on the race and gender you equip it on. It’s a real shame that these designs are all there is for the new class, but obviously LOTRO is working with a lot less resources available than a few years ago, so this is all we get for now.
The pieces work well on other races too, and this hat looks particularly nice on a dwarf.
The backpack in this outfit originally comes from a Yule Festival gift box, but I think these days it drops from Anniversary gift boxes. The gloves are also available as a cosmetic from the reputation barter in Wildermore.



Head: Worn Hood, steel blue dye (Beorning starter instance armour)
Shoulders: Grimbeorn’s Shoulders, steel blue dye (Beorning starter instance armour)
Chest: Hauberk of the Eagle’s Crest, steel blue dye (Lotro Store cosmetic)
Hands: Mitts of the Encroaching Winter, steel blue dye (light armour quest reward Vol.III, Bk.10)
Feet: Ceremonial Leijona Boots, steel blue dye (Forochel tailoring recipe)
Back: Dwarf-make Prospector’s Pack, steel blue dye (Anniversary gift box)


  1. Is a great looking winter dwarf! the new beorning shoulder and head piece give the old eagle’s hauberk a fresh look, and is a very nice combo indeed 😀

    • I noticed I hardly ever use hauberks, they are a threatened species in my wardrobe. They look great on dwarves and hobbits though, and combined with something new it could have a revival!

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