Cosmetic Lotro




It took me a while but I did start a Beorning! To be honest I am not looking foward to level up yet another character, so my guess is that she will remain in the lower levels, but I was curious enough about this new class to start playing. More importantly, I was very curious about their appearance, both male and female, and their wardrobe.
The Beorning has a race of man appearance, with some modifications. There are different hairstyles that are not available to other races, different eye colors and of course the facial paint. Hair and facial paint designs and colors can be changed again at the barber if needed, but just like with other races the eye color stays. I chose a very light green for my Beorning which looks quite savage or at least very foreign.



After the starter instance (which is terribly short), you end up with two different sets of Beorning armor. These sets are the only typical Beorning sets that I have found in terms of unique appearance. So if you ever start a Beorning, keep these sets in your inventory.
I just love the bare legs with the tunic, or should I say bear legs? The bare legs will carry over to other races as well, so you can use this tunic through the wardrobe and have your hobbit with bare legs! The top bracers carry over as well. Unfortunately the two sets have been mixed up, so if you want this particular shoulder appearance for a hobbit, you need to use the shoulders from the first set and vice versa. This is a bug and may be fixed in the future.



Shoulders: Grimbeorn’s Shoulders, sienna dye (Beorning starter instance reward)
Chest: Langhár’s Tunic and Waistcoat, sienna dye (Beorning starter instance reward)
Hands: Snow-dusted Travelling Gloves, sienna dye (Yule Festival reward)
Feet: Snow-beast Boots, sienna dye (Yule Festival reward)


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