Cosmetic Lotro

Fashion Week 2013


From March 11th to the 18th 2013 it’s Fashion Week in LOTRO!
Pull out your finest fabrics and make sure to participate in the various community and in-game events.

* * *

Enter the Fashion Screenshot Contest
Participate in the Fashion Screenshot Contest! We’re looking for this year’s hottest styles and you won’t be judged solely by the Community Team. This contest features two special community awards – one handed out by the team of fashionistas: The Starry Mantle and Cosmetic Lotro, and the other by the community itself.
Participate in any of these categories:
* Most Fashionable Kinship
* Fashion In Motion *
* Professionally Minded *
 * Formal Extravagance *
* * *

Join the Community Events
Check your server for community events and participate in a fashionable way to win some Turbine Points or Cosmetics!
* * *

Be sure to check the lotteries frequently during Fashion Week! Most likely we will see some fashionable items included. Don’t forget to follow @LOTRO on Twitter just in case we’ll see some Fashion Flash Lotteries as well.
* * *

Get a Free Dye
During the Fashion Week two Fashionista Blogs each offer coupon codes to get free dyes at the Lotro Store. Since Pink is still not in demand (despite Aegthil’s unrelenting efforts), my blog offers a free BLACK and GREY DYE!
To claim your free dyes:


Log into the LOTRO Store and find Black Dye and Grey Dye.

  • Choose to either buy a single dye (not the stack!) or quick buy the standard dye.
  • When prompted, insert the coupon codes
    BDYE13 for the black dye
    GYE13 for the grey dye

    The price should set to zero after the coupon is applied.
  • Checkout as normal. Zero points will be removed, and you’ll get the dye in your bag.
  • The coupon codes expire in a month and can be used once per account.

* * *

Check The Starry Mantle for more free dye colours!

* * *

Have fun this week, and make sure you dress to impress!

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