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I was actually going to do a low-level outfit for my hobbit warden, until I saw this week’s sale being announced and noticed that the War-steed colour and equipment dyes are on sale! As you may know I find the base price of the war-steed cosmetic features way too high (especially since these prices are per character) and refuse to buy them at full price, so whenever they are on sale, I am interested. My lore-master’s steed got a colour make-over and a new combined outfit. For the outfit itself I used yellow dye which is one of the few free colours, but more important than equipment colours are the hide colours, as the dull default grey of the skin is just unbearable. Being able to change hide and mane colour of your steed makes a lot of difference to the visual enjoyment of the game.
I may purchase some accessories too later this week, if my TP funds allow me to.



Now something needs to be said about the Robe of Eomer that is used in this outfit. It is one of several crafted Tier 8 items that are affected by deformations. The severity of the deformation depends on the race and gender that you are using the item on. This Robe for example cannot be used on female elves for it makes their arms look like spaghetti and their chest like a deflated balloon. The same is true for the medium and heavy crafted chest pieces. Many of the Tier 8 items are terribly deformed on certain races. This robe has a slightly weird look on Race of Man females as well, the shoulders look too square for my taste, but that may just be the design of the robe itself and not a deformity. I have bugged the deformities in game and I know many other players have as well, but so far nothing has been changed about their appearance. It’s a real shame because of all armour pieces that came out of the Rohan expansion, the crafted pieces are the best looking, but unfortunately often unusable as cosmetics. Maybe if we continue to bug these items, some day they will be corrected.


Head: Quilted Hat, yellow dye (crafted Tier 2, light armour)
Chest: Spirited Assault Robe of Éomer, yellow dye (crafted Tier 8, light armour)
Hands: Fingerless Gloves, yellow dye (Yule Festival reward, cosmetic)
Feet: Potent Skirmish Boots of the Mark, white dye (crafted Tier 8, medium armour)

Lore-master’s Caparison – yellow
Lore-master’s Leggings – yellow
Hide – copper
Tail – flaxen chestnut
Accessory – Steed of Night
Light Saddle of the Wold


  1. oh nice! I didn’t expect that the yellow dye could turn out such a strange color (looks like green-ish?) but is pleasant to look at, both steed and character cosmetic match well 🙂 I really hate that robe on my elf maids, indeed as you show here it redeems itself a little for other races XD I really like the little stars pattern on the robe and caparison, well done!

  2. Oooh, chartreuse! 😉 Love it! I love that robe (except on elf maids as you pointed out) and it looks great with that funny old hat! I really like how the celestial symbols on the hat relate to the stars on the horse’s gear.

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