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The Rohan expansion so far has been everything I hoped for, except for the most important part: the armour appearances. Rohan has only two-and-a-half new armour appearances per weight: 1) the quest reward and barter gear, which is a rework of old world model armour designs and thus counts for half only, 2) the level 80 crafted armour and 3) the level 85 crafted armour.  I really like some of the crafted armour pieces but because of the deformation bugs, many pieces cannot be used. I just got my champion through the first Rohan quests and I wanted to use the level 80 crafted heavy chest piece for an outfit, but it has such terrible deformations on the chest (looks like somebody punched him really hard on his ribs) that I cannot use it as it is. In stead I had to come up with something a bit more old worldly.

A nice heavy armour outfit is always problematic for me. There aren’t really any full plate pieces in the game, which is a shame. Most of it is half plate with chain mail or even leather. Heavy leggings are the hardest part. I like the heavy Rift leggings but they all have an undyeable sienna detail on front and back and that just irritates the hell out of me. I have this manic need to match colours and details on every outfit, and having to either match or ignore the sienna gets old quickly. The Ost Dunhoth gear is a bit more flexible in that regard, but still has a lot of chain mail and very little plate. So for this outfit I had to find a compromise again. I keep wondering if we’ll ever see full plate gear. Maybe when we march to Gondor?

Head: Tarchar, white dye (barter in Ost Galadh, heavy armour)
Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Galadhrim, white dye (crafted Tier 6 Lothlórien, heavy armour, also available as skirmish cosmetic)
Chest: Ríanham, gold dye (Vol.I Bk8 reward, heavy armour, appearance also available as world drop)
Hands: Gauntlets of the Galadhrim, white dye (crafted Tier 6 Lothlórien, heavy armour, also available as skirmish cosmetic)
Legs: Lesser Defender of the West Leggings, white dye (barter in Ost Dunhoth, warden set, medallions of the north-men can be soloed)
Feet: Berserker’s Boots, white dye (trainer in Ost Galadh, champion only)
Back: Festive Azure Cloak, white dye (5th Anniversary veteran gift cosmetic)


  1. A perfect title for such a noble outfit. I love the silver and gold combinations.
    My favorite pieces I’ve seen so far are some of the ones I’ve donned while running the dress-up quest. I want to keep those!

    • loool I thought the same. There is a purple chest piece that is not in game right now (looks like an Annuminas piece but is different), that I would love to keep! But they last only 5 minutes… 😦

  2. Lasswen

    The white and gold always looks so good. The chest and leg pieces look like they could be of a set, so that’s a great match! I’m not so keen on how a lot of the heavy armour looks on the female models, do love that helm though. I really am going to have to role a male character when I have enough spare TP to open up my last character slot!
    Another awesome effort, great outfit!

    • Thank you Lasswen! It is only very rarely that an outfit can be copied from male to female or vice versa. Even from male man to male elf or male hobbit doesn’t work at all. I adjust every outfit accordingly, changing pieces where needed, and some pieces cannot be used on certain genders or classes at all!

  3. Echengloss

    For some reason, the last king of Numenor pops into my head — Ar-Pharazon (the Sun King iirc). Might not have been what you were thinking, but speaks volumes about how good your outfits are. Great job.

    • Thank you Echengloss! I have a very strong association with the eleged personalities of my characters and rarely allow such lofty Númenórean kings to inspire their outfits, but these pieces would indeed do justice to the Golden king 🙂

  4. Well, I know there are some people on the forums who are very vocal about their belief that full plate armor is not appropriate to Middle-earth. I guess whether or not we will ever see any really depends on what cultures and time periods Turbine is mimicking when they develop different regions. I know that full plate armor is much too modern (and impractical) for the cultures that Tolkien took inspiration from, but Turbine is another story and who knows what they will do.

    Either way, great outfit!

    • Haha! I actually have this chest plate! One of the few amazing cosmetics i’ve seen on this site that I can actually get!
      I’m a little bit of an alt-a-holic, probably caused by my RPing 😀 I’m on imladris and my main, an elf hunter is only level 43 😀 and I’ve been playing for just over two years 😀 (I also have three other alts though in their twenties).
      My main is part of three siblings who are vassals of Glorfindel and for some reason I’ve always seen Glorfindel’s colours as being pure white and silver with gold highlights. As such, I’ve always been on the lookout for a fantastic outfit to go with this theme. This outfit here combined with your “Shimmering” outfit would make a fantastic outfit! Perhaps in a few years once I get up to OD I’ll send you a screenshot :D.

      • Hello Winterwolf, thank you for your kind comment. At lower levels finding a white cloak is a real pain, as there aren’t any. I suggest you either go without a cloak or consider the Cloak of the Dove from the Lotro Store.

  5. The similarity shared by the lines in the helmet, the chest piece and the leggings make this outfit seem well-balanced and ‘of a set’. Same can be said for the cloak and the boots, and to a lesser degree, the gauntlets.

    Even the blade shares, to an extent, that design element.

    In a word: WOW! 🙂

    I love it when pieces of varied origins are made to look good together; once again, you’ve succeeded in that.Thank you.

    • Thank you Daeross! I have a weakness for white & gold lines in my heavy outfits it seems. I just love it and keep coming back to that every time, so I have a lot of pieces that fit into that spectrum 🙂

  6. I have also long wanted some full plate armor, but maybe the game-designers stick to their lore and will only give it to us when we reach Gondor. I’m no expert on Middle-Earth, but I have a feeling that Gondor would be the only place where people would actually have used full plate armor. Gondor seems more medieval than in the rest of Middle-Earth.

  7. Beautiful! Love the white and gold it’s never easy trying to find white combinations but you’ve done it here perfectly, and a battle set too! This will go perfectly for my Captain.

  8. Good stuff. Yeah, leggings are always tough. I won’t lie, sometimes I find the new trend of getting “hauberk” type pieces covering chest and legs to be a relief rather than a hindrance. On the flip side, though, that means the art devs don’t give up many new leggings so we’re stuck with the old ones.

  9. Suedove

    Love this set-up!!! Trying to get the golves and shoulders but I dont see them available as a skirmish cosmetic. Am I missing something?

  10. Meramir

    I made something like this previous to RoR release, though a bit more plate-ish by using the Guardian chest and leggings from Ost Dunhoth and shoulder piece from Isengard 3-man:

    I’m still trying to find some more fitting gloves and boots though.

  11. Vin

    It says “appearance also available as world drop” on the chestplate… does that mean there’s a different armor that you can get that looks the same? if so what drops it?

  12. Boone Justicius

    I know it’s been a couple years since this was posted, and this may be a dumb question but I’m new to LOTRO so still learning about the cosmetic items, but I was wondering if you tried this set out on a dwarf and if so, how did it work out? I know that the leggings are Warden only and Dwarves can’t be Wardens but it’s my understanding that you can drop the items into the wardrobe storage and then use the look of an item on a character even if the item itself couldn’t be used.

    • You are correct to assume that you can drop the item in your wardrobe and use it from there. The actual item remains in your inventory, it only makes a copy to the wardrobe removing all armour restrictions so all your characters can use it. You can purchase the leggings in Harndirion, even if you are not a warden.

  13. DeChapearougue

    this is literally the best possible cosmetic outfit in the game imo… too bad ill probably never be able to get the peices

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