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Huntress of Streams

This is the second outfit I made for Tuiliel of Landroval, Lady of Streams. Just like the dress outfit, it centers around blues and greens, swirls and wave patterns and earthy colours. The most important part of these two outfits is the shoulder piece, Noriel’s Folly, which I think is awesome for female elf huntresses. As far as I know there is currently only one way to obtain it in game, as this piece is no longer available in the Ettenmoors. Tuiliel is level 70 and has yet to enter the Great River area. Since Riders of Rohan this area has been lowered to start at level 70, which offers a great alternative to levelling in gloomy Isengard. The leggings used are also a reward from the Great River area, but a bit further into the quest lines all the way into the Brownlands. These pieces have become quite precious now that the Ettenmoors pieces have been removed from the barters.

Tuiliel was very happy happy with these two outfits and has access to all the pieces, so she didn’t really want anything changed. I was very happy with them myself as I think these two outfits really fit her title well. This was my first attempt ever at making an outfit for someone else, based on their own idea and desires, and it turned out rather well!

Head: Simbelmynë Circlet, navy dye (Spring Festival cosmetic)
Chest: Elven Hunter’s Armour, sienna dye (crafted Tier 4, medium)
Shoulders: Noriel’s Folly, navy dye (Great River quest reward)
Legs: Earthen Leggings, turquoise dye (Great River quest reward)
Hands: Golden Host Gloves, navy dye (crafted Tier 6, Mirkwood medium)
Feet: Golden Host Boots, navy dye (crafted Tier 6, Mirkwood medium)
Back: Elegant Elven Quiver, sienna dye (festival box cosmetic)
Hair: Hairstyle option 19


  1. Thuindir

    Well done! I am very impressed with both pieces. I especially like the Huntress of Streams as it appears to me the perfect outfit if I were wanting to hide in the pond or slow moving river. The legs and chest would blend in with marsh or weeds while the head piece would hide well in with the lilies on floating on their pads.

    Overall very impressed with how you were able to match the theme with the outfits!

  2. Tuiliel

    I really love the use of color in this outfit. My look tends to be very monochromatic, as I’m always nervous about combining colors, but these work together in such harmony that I’m inspired to mix it up more in my other outfits. Time to get my scholar sweetie to start crafting more dyes for me!

  3. cithryth

    Oo this is so good! It makes me wish I hadn’t deleted my elven huntress ages ago. Really good use of varying colors.

  4. Very pretty, unique colour scheme. I like how the browns ground the waterier blues and greens. I really love the quiver you chose, and I never noticed it until now, but if you look at it sideways, it looks like the moon rising above the waves with one moon-ray leading to the Star of Eärendil!

  5. Lasswen

    Another really, really great outfit. The colours do combine so well! I’m just starting on the Great River region and very much looking forward to getting those leggings for my elven huntress (although I haven’t been able to find which Brown Lands quest they are from)

  6. i’ve always thought that earthy colors were the best choice for hunters as they have to blend with their surroundings to not being noticed by their prey (and are mostly the colors I use for my own huntress) but this outfit is really pretty! The soft blues blend well togheter with the greens and the river in the background, and well, it isan ideal outfit for a huntress of streams ;D

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