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Riding south

My lore-master is from Rohan, so I changed her outfit to something more Rohirric (ok I admit, I change outfits about every three days). Because of the severe clipping and deformation issues with all the new crafted armour pieces I used an Isengard piece. Overall I still like the Isengard pieces better anyway. I really hope Turbine will fix the deformation bugs because with all those distortions, outfitting is not a lot of fun. 😦
Last week I finished the first outfit for one of the winners of the Fellowship Walk Charity Auctions. I will post it to my blog soon. Other than that I don’t have a lot of news to share, so it’s just pictures this time!

Shoulders: Combat Pauldrons of Éomer, crimson dye (T8 crafted level 85, medium armour)
: Hyrde-Bréost, burgundy dye (Vol.III Book 4 quest reward, heavy)
Hands: Heavy Plated Dunlending Gauntlets, burgundy dye (Isengard quest reward, heavy)
Feet: Boots of Dúnnath, red dye (Ost Dunhoth barter, lore-master)

Legs: Leggings of the Eastemnet – default dye
Body: Caparison of the Eastemnet – default dye
Saddle: Lore-master’s saddle
No additional colour customziations


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  2. I hope they fix the deformation bug as well. It’s frustrating to outfit with a lot of the new pieces.

    The colors in this outfit compliment each other nicely and I really love the shoulders. 🙂

  3. Lasswen

    It is a really nice outfit! I love those shoulders too! Haven’t quite got to Rohan so haven’t been able to gather the crafting resources yet (nor have I looked at the AH), certainly looking forward to doing something with those medium shoulders and mask. And the chest pieces down the track…

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