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Since my last post about my disappointment with the warsteed dye colour system, many players have expressed similar sentiments, especially those players who derive a lot of joy from the outfitting system in Lotro. There is one more thing I would like to address, before I leave this issue behind and just accept it for what it is.
Let me make absolutely clear that I am not on a crusade against the Lotro store. I am not encouraging anyone to avoid it or refrain from purchases out of some (quite possibly fruitless) attempt to sway Turbine’s store policies. So if you feel comfortable paying for steed colours within the current price range, by all means do so and enjoy the purchases that you make. I have expressed my own opinions and feelings on this blog regarding the current warsteed colour system, but if other players make different choices, I have nothing but respect for that. More than anything I want people to think and decide for themselves, as everyone’s situation is different.

So… having said that, let’s move on and enjoy this game the way we have been enjoying it for years, by exploring everything that is beautiful and awesome about Rohan! If you have been immersing yourself like I have, then you must agree that Rohan is absolutely the best expansion ever in terms of storyline, landscape and music. The new armour appearances are not a huge revolution like what we have seen in Rise of Isengard, where every quest rewarded some unique new piece of armour. Armour appearances in Isengard were definitely better than in Rohan, but I’ll make do with what I get and not complain too loudly as everything else is so very beautiful. Crafted armour is really nice actually, but the regular quest rewards become rather dull after a while as they all share the same appearance and only their regional emblems differ. You don’t even need to hold on to these quest rewards since armour with the same appearances can be bartered for in Cliving and Snowbourn. Even the new endgame Hytbolt armour sets have the same apperance. I guess we won’t be seeing anything “epic” until the new raid cluster is released later this year.
There is a small shabby surprise out there as some new “tattered” cosmetics have appeared from lootboxes. I got mine from the auction house as I never seem to get any lootboxes. I was really happy with this new outfit as it seems to fit my burglar perfectly. The Tattered Hat even looks like a Bounder’s Cap that has seen better days. The cloak seems to be truly old and waterlogged as it only dyes in very dark muted colours.
There’s a Tattered Dress as well and I also found a hooded version of the Tattered Cloak. If you know of any other cosmetics appearing let me know so I can keep an eye out for them!
Head: Tattered Hat, olive dye (>level 80 lootbox cosmetic)
Chest: Tattered Tunic & Pants, olive dye (>level 80 lootbox cosmetic)
Back: Tattered Cloak, default dye (>level 80 lootbox cosmetic)

Steed of the Burglar appearance, default dye


  1. Sig

    I am really liking the cosmetics of the armor coming from Rohan, specifically the Norcrofts symbol (Helm).

    So far no cosmetic specific items looted of any kind for me.

    As always, great pictures and looking forward to more!

  2. Lasswen

    Nice outfit!
    Myself and a kinmate have seen on separate occasions someone wearing a tattered dress, which did look quite nice actually. I’d guess it’s dropping from lootboxes as well.
    I’d almost take it as good news that the armour rewards aren’t quite as good cosmetically as Dunland! I’m almost finished the Dunland line, but my vault and bags are full of items I want to keep for cosmetic purposes! πŸ˜€

  3. Suiauthon Stormborn, Captain Of Rohan

    Although the variety of armour cosmetic is a bit below par, I have to praise what they have introduced as they have given the Rohirric look I have desired on my Captain since SoA.

    On the war steed dye issue, I am a strong supporter that the price should be lowered or made account wide/single dyes available as it is affecting on of mine and many others favourite aspect of the game which is the wonderful cosmetic system. Seeing everyone with the same grey horse ruin the vision i had of Rohan. Although I can afford to buy a few I will not do so in supports the “The Grey Company”.

  4. Hymne, I couldn’t agree with you more about the Warsteed cosmetic options. As you said, it’s your opinion that the prices are way too high, but from what I’ve seen on the official forums, loads of people feel the same way like we do πŸ™‚ And with all the cosmetic options you’ve used in the past, I couldn’t even begin to imagine you’d be opposed to buying (normally priced) things in the Lotro store πŸ˜€ I guess/hope other readers already feel the same πŸ™‚
    Anyway, onto your new layout, I love it! Did you have an outfit with a hobbit who’s got a “tattered” farmer look or did I see it somewhere else? Ever since I saw it, I’ve decided to one day get a tattered outfit for at least one of my characters. It’s so fun to see! It really gives me the feeling that our characters are “part of the world”. After all, traveling and killing monsters will do something to your cloths! This new outfit of yours made me only more determined to have at least one tattered outfit.
    With the dark colors the cloak can be dyed with, I can imagine it might be a good “hiding” outfit for Hunters as well. They’ll blend nicely in the landscape while hunting, I think.

  5. I hope they do something about the prices, I am really want to mess around this system, but its just too much at the moment. I am impressed with the creativity of my fellow sever members with orange, rose, indigo, rust, green, and yellow and the free cosmetics! It has certainly induced players to try out colours other than red and black (of which I am equally guilty!)

  6. I’d seen Jadzi’s preview of the tattered cloak on the forums but I hadn’t seen these other pieces yet — they’re nice! I’ll be keeping an eye out for these, thanks for sharing Hymne!

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