Cosmetic Lotro

Autumn hunter

It was hard to let go of Summer, and I really wished it could have lasted a little longer, but the first signs of Autumn are in the air and Summer is slowly fading. I always regret changing seasons, any season, but once I accept the transition, it becomes something to look forward to. I haven’t done an outfit in Autumn colours for a long time, so here’s my attempt to get in the mood for the Fall! Even though this outfit is largely assembled out of Champion pieces and some random stuff, I think it’s very fitting for an Elf hunter. I just love Autumn colours!

Last Monday the NPC Look-alike contest was launched and the entries are already coming in. I must admit this is the most fun Outfit Contest I have ever done and I am already amazed at some of the ingenious outfits that people have put together to resemble their selected NPC. When the contest is over and the winners have been nominated we will share all entries with you in a slide show, as each creation is really unique and worthy of display. Well… not every outfit is unique unfortunately. We are receiving a number of Grey Company Look-alikes that all make use of the cosmetic rewards from Volume III, Book 5. Evidently those outfits are near perfect look-alikes of the ranger NPC’s; however they are not very creative or original and will not score any points in that category. I hope you keep that in mind when creating your Look-alike!

Head: Fine Elven Circlet, cannot be dyed (Anniversary box cosmetic)
: Cer. Dragon-scale Breastplate, orange dye (Cosmetic vendor, Helegrod Champion set)
Shoulders: Rock-climber’s Shoulder Guards, violet dye (T6 crafted, light armour)
Legs: Cer. Dragon-scale Leggings, orange dye (Cosmetic vendor, Helegrod Champion set)
Hands: Footman’s Gloves, violet dye (T6 crafted, medium armour)
Feet: Berserker’s Boots, violet dye (Mirkwood barter, Champion instance set)
Back: Rugged Quiver, orange dye (Anniversary box cosmetic)



  1. Ooooh, so beautiful! I love the autumn colour scheme, it reminds me of changing leaves, root vegetables, and stone fruits. I also really enjoy seeing that quiver used to such perfect effect, since it’s so hard to match. The bow is awesome too, I wish our LI bows looked more like that!

  2. Ah, that is very good and autumny. Nice use of those Champ boots. And good eye matching the quiver to shirt

    Lol elves. I think its funny that this elf decided he’d get the smith to make a whole new set of fall gear. I guess when you got all that time on your hands–living for as long as it takes to get knifed by an orc–anything goes. “Oh Lorifindelrondthir, I feel so pretty this Autumn. What’s more, these brutish trolls can’t seem to see me in this camouflage. Let’s go protect Bruinen bunnies, shall we?”

    Sorry, I had to indulge myself. My vision of elves is skewed by Dwarf Fortress.

  3. Wow, this is really beautiful! Just yesterday I thought about a nice outfit for my lvl 15 hunter. You totally inspired me to get me these items.

    You have so much talent, I always look in awe at your wonderful creations.

  4. I love the autumn colors, especially in the scene of the screenshot.The only thing which seems a bit out of place for autumn is the purple, but at the same time it makes it special. The outfit stands out in a crowd of autumn colored outfits, I think. Wonderful work again!

  5. Kaitness

    I love the color combos! On a different note, do you have any ideas for a wedding dress for a poor hunter from Bree? I’ve been trying to find one, but I’m having trouble. Thanks!

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