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Now for wrath, now for ruin and a red dawn!

@Lotro on Twitter just asked its followers what they are most excited to hear about in the Riders of Rohan expansion. Personally I can only answer that question with “new armour designs, new cosmetics and hopefully new dye colours!”.
I’ve come to a point on my blog where I’ve “been there done that”. I own every possible cosmetic in the game and what I don’t own I do not seem to care much about. I own a huge load of world drop armour pieces and another huge load of bound armour pieces from instances, raids and quests. Once I’ve worked with a piece of armour or cosmetic, I usually move on to something new, something I haven’t used before. Right now I’m coming to a point where there isn’t a whole lot of new stuff available anymore that I really want to use in an outfit. I am sort of running out of inspiration.
When I create an outfit I try to make it as unique as possible. I try to avoid being repetitive and I try to find combinations that I haven’t seen anywhere else before. Hence my incessant need for “new stuff”. Small wonder that it’s the new armour designs that I’m looking forward to the most in the Rohan expansion.
Casual Stroll to Mordor has a nice preview showing some of the concept art for the new NPC outfits. All these designs look very promising and I hope there will be similar outfits and armour pieces for player characters.

I will be going at an easy pace with the outfits on my blog until the release date. I’m still grinding out more Medallions of the Northmen, and used some of those to buy a new outfit for my champion. Other than that, I’m grinding out virtues on my lore-master, still levelling my little burglar and doing instances and an occasional raid on my minstrel. Still lots to do and so little time to do it!
I hope the RoR Beta will start soon and that, once the NDA has been lifted, we’ll be able to see some of that new Rohan armour stuff! For now, we’ll have to make do with what we have so far!

Chest : Lesser Blade of the West Breastplate, red dye (OD Champion Set)
Head:Helm of the Eastemnet, default dye (Legendary Edition Riders of Rohan, cosmetic)
Shoulders: Padded mantle of the Dunland Soothsayer, crimson dye (Dunland quest reward, light)
Hands: Gloves of the Eastemnet, default dye (Legendary Edition Riders of Rohan, cosmetic)
Legs: Lesser Blade of the West Leggings, red dye (OD Champion Set)
Feet: The Berserker’s Sabatons, crimson dye (RoI Champion Instance Set)
Back: Mantle of Hwatness, default dye (Legendary Edition Riders of Rohan, pre-order cloak)


  1. I LOVE this outfit. Every single piece goes perfectly together! This kind of outfit gets me extra excited for new cosmetics, although, I’m also going to have to purchase more storage, and I don’t even have lots of raiding pieces. I don’t know where you keep all of it!

  2. Fairymore

    Great title, set and colors. The colors you used really set the right mood and the background is perfect. I would like to ask you a question Hymne, its about how you store so many items? Do you constantly buy more bank space with TP points (its pricey) or do you spread out your armor among characters? If you spread them out what do you do when one character has too many Bound unique items and not enough storage space?
    Thanks ahead and keep up the great work!

    • Well since you ask, I’ll explain where I keep my stuff! I have 3 characters at level cap and 1 nearly so with maximum vault storage. I keep all the bound to character stuff on them that is unique and cannot be replaced (like some Dunland pieces, raid pieces or one time quest rewards). I have 1 alt-char with max vault space dedicated to not-bound armour, and 1 alt-char dedicated to all cosmetics. I have a separate alt-char for all cloaks, including the cloaks I purchased from the store. Of course I have maxed wardrobe and maxed shared storage, however I treat my wardrobe as temporary storage, as I frequently delete stuff out of it (I have the original back-up anyway in case I ever want it again). I have two scholars with maxed guild reputation for my dyes, so I don’t care about losing dye colours as it’s easy to produce them.
      What is handy is that I have sort of a semi-photographic memory, I always know exactly where a piece of armour comes from and where/how to obtain it. This way it’s easy for me to decide what can be discarded because it’s replaceable and what needs to be stored because it’s valuable.

  3. This is awesome!! You’ve blended those undyeable pre-order items into a predominantly red outfit and it looks so seamless. He looks very heroic, a true Eorling!

    Also, I couldn’t agree with you more about new dye colours. I think I almost want new colours more than new cosmetics! I’d love to see a batch of soft, natural colours if they ever do introduce more.

  4. Ivy

    Today’s post is amazing, Hymne. I love what you did with colors, you have a great eye!

    Also, thank you for sharing your organizational storage plan, I too have serious issues with storage. My main has 2 full bags of bound items and no room in her vault. I wish Turbine would change Dunland’s quest rewards from unique so we can put them in shared storage.

    • Regarding the Dunland quest rewards: check the AH for unbound pieces with the same appearance. There are many drops in the Isengard instances that are BoE, so you can purchase those and store them on an alt. Also, the quartermasters of Dunland and Theodreds Riders in Galtrev have many pieces for sale that I consider “backup”. So in case I lost an item or had to delete it, I can get it again from one of those vendors. Mind you though, that there are also a number of Dunland pieces that are not available BoE or at the quartermasters, so those are stuck in your vault.

  5. I hear you, Hymne! I mean, even as a noob blogger, I can see how it’d grow more and more difficult to come up with something that meets your standards and gives you pleasure to look at! I’m /aching/ for new cosmetics that have a more Rohirrim (read: simple, medieval, maybe earth tones) feel to them. And separates. Ohh yes. I want separates.

  6. Iaksones

    Excellent outfit. Immediately upon seeing the Eastemnet stuff on Bullroarer earlier this summer (U7 preview. Chromite of Brandywine had a plugin that could pull those items up to view, though nobody actually acquire them on Bullroarer), I knew it would go swell with the Champ OD stuff. I just didn’t have the Northmen Medallions nor the gumption to grind them to mix and match like that.

    But wow, the splash of color you added looks very good–I’m too left brained to have thought of that myself. Kudos, love this outfit!

  7. Sorchawen

    Her I amcatching up on your postings while I sip my morning coffee. I don’t have a male toon but this outfit makes me wonder why? This is so fantasticly wonderful and has that certain, rawrrrrh, factor. Thanks again for inspiring us and for your excellent postings.

  8. Aris

    Hey there!

    it’s an amazing outfit and I am glad I found it.Great job!
    Just a quick question though as I am already figuring things out for how cosmetics work. I want to get the leggings and the chest of this outfit for my guardian.Can he wear them or not because it’s a champions set? I mean I wouldn’t be confused if it was a ceremonial set(like those of skirm camps) but I don’t want to waste my tokens that easily on these 2 pieces.

    Thanks in advance!

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