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Finally another class steed! This time it is the Steed of the Burglar, available for a limited time in the Lotro store. To start out with the positive: I love this steed! It’s another well made steed with pouches and lovely details. To follow up with the negative: it’s not really a Burglar’s steed. It could be anybody’s. It has some daggers and ropes, but I expected a more “shady” looking steed for the burglar class, with lots of black and grey, not brown and olive which are more suitable to rangers or hunters. In my humble but loud opinion, the designer team for the class steeds is making some really odd colour choices for the classes lately. The Steed of the Champion which came before this one, is mostly brown and red, where I would expect blues and whites for a champ. The same is true for this steed, it just has the wrong colours. Another slightly negative point is that the tack is exactly the same on both sides of the horse. All other class steeds so far had two unique sides with different pouches or items hanging from the saddle. The flanks of this steed are mirror images of each other.

That said, I still liked the horse enough to purchase it for my burglar, even though she will probably be alternating with the Treasure Hunter’s Steed (which I just realized I have forgotten to feature on my blog).
As with all mounts that are purchased from the Lotro store, you will obtain an adapted but similar skin on your war-steed after release of the Riders of Rohan.
The steed is not hard to match with an outfit as it’s base colours are very common. Anything dyed umber and olive will probably match. I chose to use the Arth-crus chest piece because the colour matches the piece of rope on the saddle. The Arth-crus has matching fingerless gloves that would provide a nice detail as well if you’re looking for just a tiny bit of red to complement your attire.
After I took these screenshots I realized I had forgotten to swap her legendary dagger for a more common one that doesn’t display this annoying reddish glow. I seriously want cosmetic weapons!

Chest : Arth-crus, umber dye (boe drop from Isengard instances, light armour)
Head: Elegant Silk Hat, olive dye (Dunland quest reward, light armour)
Shoulders: Worn Ranger’s Wrap, umber dye (Volume III, Book 5 reward, cosmetic)
Hands: Fingerless Gloves, umber dye (Yule Festival quest reward -helping the poor-)
Legs: Shabby Leggings, umber dye (Yule Festival quest reward -helping the poor-)
Back: Campaign Backpack, olive dye (Lotro store or tedious ingame grind)
Mount: Steed of the Burglar, Lotro store exclusive


  1. It’s not my favorite steed, but I still love it and the outfit. And Amen to the eternal plea of cosmetic weapons! Usually I just swap mine out but every once in a while I forget to put my real ones back on and then I wonder why everything is taking so long to die. 🙂

  2. This steed works as a basic adventurer’s steed, imo. If you ignore the daggers, there’s not much to suggest specifically burglar (but what would a burglar do with a horse, save escape?), so I’m still iffy on whether or not I’m going to get this… for -any- of my characters.

    But that’s beside the point.

    You’ve created an outfit that’s like the steed: an outfit good to adventure in. This seriously looks practical, especially for one who doesn’t think adventuring is just going and kicking butt.

    The rolled up sleeves and the curious cap, combined with the shabby leggings bring to mind a yeoman, someone who’s day consists more of lugging around lumber and tending to the livestock than going toe to toe with a Master Wight or saving the Legendary Heirloom from falling into the wrong hands. 🙂

    Thank you for another wonderful outfit. You’re an inspiration. 🙂

  3. I am undecided about the steed. I wanted smokier colors that relate more to the in-game Burg armour sets, though I suppose anything can be dyed to match. That said, I’m really sad about the mirroring; it makes it seem less “special” a horse than some of the other class-related steeds.

    I’m not undecided about your outfit, though; that’s adorable.

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