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Update 7: Mystery and Rift

Update 7 went live on Bullroarer yesterday and as usual I had to take a look and see if anything cosmetically interesting is happening for Update 7. The good news is: YES THERE IS!!
I guess the best cosmetic news for myself (and I believe many others) is that all raid gear from the Rift will be available at the Cosmetics vendor. Just like the Annuminas and the Helegrod sets, they will cost 547 marks and 33 medals per piece. However a slight change is coming to these raid cosmetics: as of Update 7 they will be Bound to Account. This is valid for all Annuminas, Helegrod and Rift pieces, so you won’t be able to pass them on to someone else anymore. The regular cosmetics remain Bind on Equip.

The Classic vendor will have all the old gear drops from Fornost available as regular armour. These items are mainly old world designs.

A completely new cosmetic item has been added to the Skirmish Cosmetics vendor: the Hauberk of Mystery boxes. There are three different boxes and they cost 63 marks each.

SPOILERS AHEAD, do not read if you want to find out how it works by yourself!

I purchased one of each box and found three pretty hauberks with a blank yellowish front inside. I couldn’t really find anything particularly mysterious about these hauberks at first, other than their new design. It wasn’t until I activated the dye options in the dressing room that I noticed that a pattern is revealed when using dye! I purchased another set of boxes and lo and behold, they revealed a different pattern upon upon dyeing! It looks like these patterns just appear randomly. I do not know how many different kinds of patterns* are available, but chances are that you end up with a completely unique hauberk! I think these items are a very nice addition to the existing hauberks collection.
*Edit to add: Jonathan Andrist was kind enough to sort out the variantions and found 20 different possible patterns (see his comment below).

Padded Hauberk of Mystery

Leather Hauberk of Mystery

Chain Hauberk of Mystery

Unfortunately the Lotro Store is not available right now so I cannot check if anything new has been added there. I will update this post if I find out.


  1. Trystan

    This is really sad news. I understand you’re happy about it but this means nobody will go to the Rift ever again (which was the best raid in Lotro so far). You can’t get any decent equipment and now even the armour is degraded as skirmish outfit. This also means that the outfits that some of us worked hard for and were considered “unique” will now be available to any class, any level if you have enough marks. They really don’t leave much for those who work for our looks and I don’t find it fair. Even the OD set is easy to get nowdays, not to mention Helegrod so I expect that soon the Moria/Mirkwood/Lorien sets will be just cheap cosmetics aswell.
    Don’t misunderstand me, I love outfits and I love it that I can get so many different pieces even if it was meant for another class. But why degrade the raid armour sets? They could easily just add new skirmish raid sets that are unique and you can get for marks. They spent so much work on the old raids, why make it pointless to visit them? Very dissapointed 😦

    • I’m familiar with your argument, but I’m part of the other kind of Lotro players. The kind that cannot raid (a lot), for whatever the reasons, but don’t mind to put a (great) solo effort into grinding cosmetics. I did the Rift Raid in its time, and I own the original minstrel pieces, but you know what? I will be thrilled to vendor those in order to purchase BtA items that my bank alts can store and free up some much needed vault space on my main. And if no one likes to run the Rift anymore, its certainly not the cosmetics vendor’s fault.

      • Trystan

        First of all a lot of people still do runs in the Rift, mostly for the armour parts but also because it’s THE classic raid. Now to all the new players it will be just a place where nobody ever goes which is a shame.
        But back to topic, the reason I liked the Rift set was that it was hard to get and therefore it was treasured above all others, something that made you feel a little special. I do realise my opinion won’t be a popular one but seriously, leave something for the raiders, too πŸ˜› (That said, I’m not a hardcore raider but I don’t mind working for a specific outfit. I could tell stories lol)

    • I know that they have plans to make the Rift scale. I don’t know how long it will take to make that happen, but at least you have it to look forward to.

    • Emiele from Gladden

      I think you’ll still see rift being run. The armour set is still worth while for captains for tact. mit. buff as the orthanc set only offers a slightly better one but with far more fuss involved in obtaining it.

      I’ve always been torn on adding cosmetic versions of raid armour to the skirmish camp. I love cosmetics but I also love to raid, if the two can occur simultaneously I’m very pleased. I’d like to think these raids will still be run, I still enjoy the old content…. in most cases I prefer it.

      Just want to tack on that many sets OD, helegrod, annuminas…they were all easily obtained before. Anyone could get these sets if they ground out the marks and specific medallions. Moria, BG, and DN still remain a little tricky to get.

  2. I had a feeling this was coming but I’m actually surprised that it’s in advance of the Rift raid being revised and level-scaled. I do think we will see that happen in the not-too-distant future, and hopefully that will make the Rift relevant to groups once again, cosmetic armour or not. Of course, the newest raids will aways have awesome new armour sets available only the groups that master them for at least a year or two.

    As for the mystery hauberks: what a weird and wacky idea!

    Thanks for sharing the news Hymne! πŸ™‚

  3. The default dyes are wrong on the cosmetic versions of the rift pieces. This threw me off as I wear a number of the pieces as part of my outfit.

    The mystery hauberks are just going to drive me crazy… they’d make interesting kin uniforms if they weren’t bound!.. It’d be nice if there were a label on it before dying because the base item determines all the dyed results. Yay dressing room. Maybe I can feret out the IID for the halberk range and post a listing of central patterns someplace.

    • Indeed very cool idea to use those Hauberks as Kinship Uniforms! In my preview I dyed them black but the other colours take quite well too. If you ever figure out how many different patterns are available and what they look like, I’d appreciate it!

      • Further update: I have identified 20 patterns, for each of the 3 types. ; I now have 120 screenshots to crop and put up someplace. πŸ™‚ These 20 Patterns are: (Loosely described) Diamond Invert, Diamond Mid,Diamond Crossed,Vertical Stripe, Horizontal Stripe, )(, Mug, X, Box 4 , Sword, O, Helm, Axe, Box 8, Golf, Torch, Pipes, Star, Anvil, Bow. Screenshots forthcoming.

  4. I’ve been waiting for this day to come. I’ve been ill lately and i have just screamed with happiness at the Rift cosmetics news and freaked my friends out i was chatting to online, thank you Hymne! <333

  5. Enomeg

    Ever since I did my first full Rift run and came out with nothing but the gloves, I’ve been waiting to get them an easier way. And here it is! I can not only finally complete the set for my guardian, but for all my alts as well. It’s even cross-class! I always liked the black Champ set better than the navy Guard set, and now I have it. I wish they would do this with the armor from the instances in Enedwaith (the name escapes me) that give really cool looking armor for each class.

    • I’m sure some day the Northmen armour will be cosmetified as well, but what matters is that a reasonable time passes before this happens. The Helegrod Raid was the first Lotro raid and the first set to make it into cosmetics. Rift was the second raid and appears now. It’s only logical to assume these items will go in order so next would be the Moria stuff (yay Minstrel shoulders!!), Lothlorien and then Mirkwood. It will be a while before Northmen cosmetics will be available, and this is only good. People that obtained those pieces by grinding medals in raids and instances should have a reasonable time to enjoy that effort as a cosmetic achievement.
      I’m hoping that the PvMP sets will some day make it into quest rewards (or cosmetics) too, just like happened with the Great River in Update 6.

      • Wernwulf

        Good to know that the Northmens armour will take a while getting cosmetics … leaves me the neccessary time to grind the amount of meds I need to get the set I put together as my next cosmetic outfit (got 300/420 Northmen meds now) xD

        Btw is Rift still broken ? Last I heard that it only lets in groups of 6, not 12 … and even with six 75ers it’s hard πŸ˜‰
        I’ll sure get me some of the cosmetic Rift pieces, great design that armour !

  6. Sad News indeed, i noticed this aswell on BR server…

    And cheap as heck… the Rift set has become now…

    I would rather see them Scaling it, than just giving away the Outfits for free now..
    Adding them to the Turbine Store would’ve been better, that way they would earn some Money on it and some ppl would still run the Raid to get it πŸ™‚

    I’m still collecting pieces on my 57 Burg trying to run 1 Raid a week also for Fun, i’m sure once they add this… no one will want to run it, safe for some of my friends/kinnies who also love the Raid…

    ah well… U7 is still subject to change on BR so who knows πŸ˜‰

    • 4 year old Raid designs now available as Cosmetics to Solo Players. The horror!!!
      And of course they will be in the Lotro store too at some point! This is outrageous!
      How dare Turbine sell my precious FLUFF in the store! They promised us convenience, not advantage!!

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