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Yule Outfit Contest 2011 Winners!

Over 150 entries later, a solid voting process and a little debate, the outfit blogs Lotro Fasion, Lotro Stylist and Cosmetic Lotro are very proud to present the three winners of the Yule Outfit Contest 2011!

We received an overwhelming amount of entries, and the enthusiasm and care that most  of you put into creating a beautiful outfit and making good screenshots was very tangible. All of the entries were winners in my eyes, just for the sheer effort that was made. However we could only pick three.

All outfits were screened before entering the contest. Unfortunately we had to disqualify a few because the screenshots didn’t meet the minimum requirements. From the valid entries, each blog picked three favorites, so we ended up with 9 finalists. These 9 finalists were subjected to a rigorous voting system where they were judged on the 5 criteria mentioned in the contest:

  • Representative of the Yule or Winter theme and spirit.
  • Originality of the overall design.
  • Integration of the various pieces used.
  • Blending of dye colours.
  • Overall impression.

The outfits were judged on each of the above criteria and given a rating between 1-5 points per category, so the outfit could receive a maximum of 25 points per vote. With three voting blogs, this adds up to a maximum of 75 points total that an outfit could receive.
After this process the following winners emerged with highest marks on those criteria:


FIRST PLACE – 1550 Turbine Points
Vindrayeth of Snowbourn

Head: Ceremonial Mammutti Helm, sea blue dye
Shoulders: Yule Scarf, white dye
Chest & Leggings: Hauberk of Rhun, sea blue dye
Gloves: Oven Mitts, white dye
Feet: Ceremonial Mammutti Boots, sea bue dye
Back: Elk-Hunter’s Pack, white dye


SECOND PLACE – 1000 Turbine Points
Jerremiah of Laurelin

Shoulders: Tactical Assault Westfold Shoulder Pads, burgundy dye
Chest: Dunlending’s Hunting Jacket, burgundy dye
Gloves: Leather Bracers of the Gentle Stag, sienna dye
Cloak:  Torhammas’ Cloak, burgundy dye


THIRD PLACE – 500 Turbine Points
Elyata of Gladden

Chest: Hauberk of the Mirrormere, rivendell green dye
Gloves: Scorched Ox-Hide Gauntlets, crimson dye
Boots: Nightshade Boots, crimson dye
Back: Cloak of the Mallorn, rivendell green dye


The runners up to these three winners were extremely close. Some tough calls were made. We would still like to mention the other six finalists:
Kemendin of Nimrodel
Frathluin of Riddermark
Ehefkae of Elendilmir
Diamint of Vilya
Twolegs of Landroval
Kiayiren of Evernight

The Lonely Mountain Band of Landroval
A very special “outfit” that receives an honorable mention was the entry from the Lonely Mountain Band. Their entry was awesome! Unfortunately the entry was not in accordance with the requirements, so it could not be judged, but we still want to share with you what they sent us: Click this link to view the entry of the Lonely Mountain Band.

Devonna from Lotro Stylist has made a grand effort and assembled a slideshow of all the entries together. Click this link to watch the slideshow.

Congratulations to the winners and a sincere thank you to all the participants. We truly enjoyed seeing all your creative work. Judging was hard and is the least fun part of the contest. It was great having these three different judges together because we all have such different views on what is right and what is wrong in terms of outfitting. Consolidating our views into a consensus was not always easy, but it was very rewarding and we are all satisfied with the final results.

A special thanks goes to Clover, who promoted our contest on the Free Peoples Press, and found some sponsoring from Turbine so we could pull this off!


  1. Well, after seeing the winners I’m not at all surprised that I didn’t make the list. 😀 All of them are gorgeous, especially the first one, which I keep coming back to see. Congratulations to all winners!
    I hope you’ll organize themed contests like these again in the future, (prize or no prize). Without this one I would probably not have tried out outfitting, so I’ve got a lot out of this, and I think others can agree. It was great fun attending and equally nice to now see the results. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Auranor

    Wow, I’m not even disappointed to not be on the podium, those three outfits are amazing and their victory is well deserved! I especially love the daring crimson touch in Elyata’s outfit. I agree with Mephet and hope too that more contests are to come, even without rewards, putting together themed outfits and trying to take good screenshots is really fun 🙂

    Thank you all three for this great contest and the time and work it must have taken you, and extra-thanks to Devonna for the slideshow!

  3. Congrats to the winners and runners up! Vindrayeth of Snowbourn – just wow, its fantastic! ❤ Forochel love, i will have to aquire this outfit. I enjoyed looking through all the entires on the slideshow too there's some fantastic ideas.

  4. Diamint

    Thank you so much for helping create this contest. It was wonderful to see how many different servers are represented! This really shows that there is interest for the pretty side of life across all lotro servers, and I was glad to see it. This contest provided a fantastic excuse to spend a ton of time not progressing in-game at all 🙂 I had a blast coming up with outfits, and it was thrilling to be an honorable mention. Congratulations to Vindrayeth, Mr. Jamtoes, and Elyata for their winning entries!

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