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Cold weather

This outfit is a real outfit in the sense that I have only used outfits and no armour pieces. The chestpiece is a Tunic&Pants from the skirmish vendor, and the good news is that starting next Monday when Update 5 arrives, you won’t need any instance-specific marks anymore to purchase it. In stead it will only cost a certain amount of generic medallions and marks (see currency conversion). The unfortunate aspect of all Tunic and Dress type cosmetics is that you cannot use any gloves, shoes or pants. Those outfits already have their own shoes attached and you cannot change that. I remember when I was still a newbie with outfits I didn’t really understand this and I always tried to find matching boots only to discover that they wouldn’t show. In other words, don’t bother finding gloves and boots when you wear a tunic or a dress.
The scarf and cloak both come from the Yule Festival cosmetics vendor and can be earned starting December 20!! I am very much looking forward to this festival again, it is my absolute favorite one!

I do want to share one funny story. When I was taking the screenshots for this outfit I used the Champions skill “True Heroics”, for the effect of blowing the horn. When I used it I suddenly got attacked by a bear, and go wt? Why would a level 12 bear attack me? It’s way below my level? Well.. the skill attracts the attention of any enemies nearby, I guess even those that I can kill with my bare hands. I didn’t have any weapons equipped so I had to strangle the poor guy.

Chest : Cold-weather Tunic, dark green dye (skirmish, cosmetic)
Shoulders: Yule Scarf, white dye (Yule Festival, cosmetic)
Back: Bearskin Winter Cloak, dark green dye (Store cosmetic)


  1. Hahah, I had a good laugh at your story about the bear. I’m afraid many small critters have also met their deaths while I’ve been taking screens as well. 😛

    On the outfit front, I really do wish they’d at least let us use gloves with cosmetic “onesies”. Seems funny to have a warm winter outfit and bare hands!

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