Cosmetic Lotro

Escape from Isengard

Having just escaped the Isengard prison, lucky to be alive but hungry and with my clothes in tatters, I don’t have a lot of options but to hang out with the local riff raff until I get back on my feet again. I’ll have to ask the farmers for help and food, and if they refuse to give me anything I might have to force them. Maybe there’s some errands I could run to make a few silvers and get myself a new dagger, as the old one was taken away from me when Saruman threw me into the dungeon.

Volume III, Book 4 of the epic questline is a blast so far. I am really enjoying myself and I think the entire story around Isengard and Saruman is really well done. I loved every bit of it even the menial tasks! I am levelling slowly, partly because I don’t have a lot of time and partly because sometimes I’m just enjoying the scenery. I especially enjoyed the Gravenwood landscape. It’s the best and most realistic forest I have come across so far. Even better than Mirkwood! I know there are lots of people on the forums complaining about the expansion and what it has to offer, but even though I have a few criticisms myself as well, I am truly enjoying the journey and I think that overall the expansion is very well designed.

The shirt and leggings in this outfit are part of a whole cosmetic set, that you receive as rewards over the course of book 4. The set has a shirt, leggings, shoes, gloves and a bandana. (Of note: the shirt has a white hand mark on the back, not shown in these pictures).
Now if only I could get about 100 slots more vault space! I have a hard time keeping all the quest rewards for cosmetic purposes and I really don’t want to delete any of them!

Chest: Isengard Prisoner Shirt, black dye (Book 4 reward, cosmetic)

Head: Hood of Night, black dye (Halls of Night barter reward, cosmetic)

Shoulders: Leather Shoulder Guards of the Leaping Stag, black dye (Dunland quest reward, medium)

Hands: Leather Bracers of the Gentle Stag, black dye (Dunland quest reward, light)

Legs: Isengard Prisoner Leggings, black dye (Book 4 reward, cosmetic)

Feet: Threadbare Shoes of the Dunland Healer, black dye (Dunland quest reward, light)

Back: Recovered Sailor’s Cloak, black dye (Forsaken Inn barter reward, light)


  1. arghh first i must be too addicted … looking at the pictures i was trying to move it to see the back ….

    I like this a lot, i have an idea for my Hunter with some of those

    Great find again

  2. rhadhrudhruth

    Hi cosmeticlotro!
    You didn´t read my last comment where i asked you where you store all that fancy stuff as you must have a lot of it 😉 Now i know you also have this problem.

    I decided to go on a shopping spree and make a new warden as the protector of my crafting resources. Now there is a level 11 warden that has 135 slots chock full of hides, ores, gems, wood, etc. And all my other characters have breathing room now, to their relief.

    A second character i occasionally use for roleplaying now keeps all the unbound clothing and cosmetics. I try to refrain from binding items so i can transfer them to him. I´m thinking of moving him to my house so that he can shuffle from the bank to the chests there to maximize storage.

    Everything else has to stay with the characters that own the clothing, no way to remedy that. But the above solution (even if it is expensive) makes sure that this is the exception than the norm.

    • Yes I do have a lot of storage space in terms of several alt characters with max vault, a deluxe house with two chests, a private kinshouse with three chests and max shared storage, so i don’t lack general space. What is difficult is that all the RoI awards are bound to character, so I have to store them in my vault, which is already filled with bound stuff like barter coins, gear from instances, bound xp-pills, legacy scrolls etc. The kind of stuff you cannot store on an alt. All my crafting stuff is already elsewhere, so what I really need is a larger personal vault. 😦

      • rhadhrudhruth

        Yes, the RoI Awards are really bloating the cosmetics tab on my bank too. I hope that someday i find replacements in a mob drop, but i don´t think it will be that easy.

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