Cosmetic Lotro

Patched up

I never quite knew what to do about the Patched Hauberk. I always liked it and it was one of the first skirmish hauberks in my collection, but once I had it I tried it on different characters and ended up sending it off to my house storage. While rummaging through my chests the other day I found it again and decided that this time I was going to make it work, and sent the hauberk to my hobbit warden girl. Well since female hobbits can wear almost anything it was actually fun putting an outfit together this time. Whatever they wear, it almost always works.

Chest: Patched Hauberk, black dye (skirmish cosmetic)

Hands: Elven Cotton Gloves, black dye (crafted, light)

Feet: Shoes of Vigour, burgundy dye (world drop, medium)

Back: Hooded Wood-wanderer’s Cloak, black dye (store exclusive cosmetic)


  1. Very nice! I actually wondered, when I first saw it, what I could combine the cloak with and have it look decent. I generally don’t like hauberks or the cloaks with the ponytail thing, but this combination works.

  2. Fergas

    This is a really great outfit – especially because my litte hobbit warden girl wears a similar one for some weeks now 🙂 I just took the hauberk in default colour and dyed the hoodless version of that Wood-wanderers cloak in rust.

    I agree with you, hobbits girls can really wear everything.

  3. Dan

    I like it! Especially since I *just* won the Patched Hauberk during the recent CSTM anniversary festivities, and this gives me some idea what to do with it for my (male) hobbit Burglar. I like it in black — too bad black dye is expensive!

  4. Bumbletum

    OMG! Just so you know the moment i found this site – it instantly transformed EVERYTHING i’m doing in Lotro – i’ve only been playing a relatively short time – originally just solo stuff – but in joining a kinship, it’s now almost entirely about character – something that i scoffed at (or at least was puzzled by) starting out.

    Now – am definitely switching crafting focus to tailor and on my kinship – have been trawling for dyes – to the point people know i’m looking for cosmetics – so now am getting free stuff.

    Love it love it love it! Especially this Hobbit one (my character’s a burglar).

    Keep it up – am very much inspired by your work.

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