Cosmetic Lotro

Breeland adventure

Bree is a town that eventually every player will have to visit. Regardless of how many characters you have levelled already and despite how well you know your way around Bree by now, the Mayor invariably sends you off on a tour through Bree to get acquainted with the facilities in town and reward you with your first reputation points. After the tour you may proceed to quest your way through the lands surrounding the town: Breeland. If you work hard at killing lots of wights in the Barrow-downs, collect their treasures and hand them over at the Hunting Lodge in Bree, you will eventually make it to kindred standing. The return to Bree skill is very handy, but the faction also offers a couple of other goodies to collect: a nice cloak, a lovely backpack, recipes and just like other factions, a horse. Unfortunately the horse is really nothing special to look at. It’s great if you are roleplaying a rugged ranger or poor vagabond, but other than that it lacks the specialness of other faction horses. On top of that, it shares its appearance with the Bree Starter Horse, which is available for 200 silvers at the Hengstacer Farm, so if you are merely looking for the skin and don’t mind the slower speed, you might as well get that one in stead of spending 5 gold on the Prized horse. I am still hoping Turbine will add another Bree horse in the future, or make this one look a bit more classy.
The cloak in this outfit is available at kindred status from the Bree vendor outside the Hunting Lodge. The same design is also available as “Golodir’s Cloak” from Volume I, book 14.

Head: Traveller’s Hood, olive dye (store exclusive cosmetic)

Chest: Plain Hauberk, olive dye (gift box cosmetic)

Hands: Leather Gauntlets, olive dye (medium armour smith)

Feet: Brushed Leather Boots, olive dye (skirmish cosmetic)

Back: Cloak from the Men of Bree, default dye (Bree kindred reputation)

Horse: Prized Liver Chestnut Steed (Bree kindred reputation) -or- Bree Horse (Hengstacer Farm)

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