Cosmetic Lotro

Riding skill

My hobbit burglar doesn’t get out much, except for a weekly ride on his little pony. After finishing up his duties in Michel Delving, he took his pony for a short trip around the fields of Hobbiton-Bywater. He is not a very skilled rider, but wearing the right quality apparel is more important anyway.

Chest: Explorer’s Robe, rust dye (crafted, light)

Head: Treasure-hunter’s Hat, rust dye (crafted, light)

Shoulders: Yule Scarf, rust dye (Yule Festival cosmetic)

Hands: Cloth Gloves, yellow dye (light armour smith)

Feet: Soft Walkers, sienna dye (world drop, medium)


  1. It’s a good outfit for a hobbit 🙂 The gloves look green to me, though, instead of yellow… Or is it a detail that turns yellow?
    It’s good that your little burglar gets a weekly trip. I can imagine that he’s out at night in this outfit too, though. I guess you wouldn’t really see him coming on his brown pony. Great choice 🙂
    BTW, what’s a world drop? I think I haven’t had that experience yet.

    • Hi Choco. Every item always has a base colour, and this base colour will affect the final outcome of the dye. The green colour of the robe does not exist as a dye in itself, however it can be acquired by using the base colour of the gloves and applying yellow dye to it. Not every pair of gloves will come out this way, that’s why you may want to try different options to see what colours you get. You can preview the options in the dressing room (ctrl+click).
      A world drop is an item that can drop from any monster in the world of the appropriate level.

      • Thanks for the thorough explanation of everything 🙂
        I’ll definitely need to remember to check the dressing room frequently before dyeing anything 🙂

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