Cosmetic Lotro

Street thief

After finishing my 30 reflection pool quests and obtaining my Silver-voice Robe, I was left with the option to do it another 60 times to get the shoulders and leggings, or get into Helegrod mark farming and a lot of skirmishing. I admit I chose the latter, which is of course a lot faster than the reflection pool route. Even though nobody understands why I would buy level 50 in stead of level 65  gear with my Helegrod marks, that’s exactly what I did. They can be used in a great burglar outfit! That’s why! The leggings dye a really deep black, much blacker than regular cotton leggings. Thieving should be done in style after all.

Chest: Jacket of the Sun-lands, orange dye (world drop, medium)

Shoulders: Silver-voice Shoulders, black dye (Classic barter skirmish camp, minstrel only)

Hands: Dunfailf, black dye (world drop, medium)

Legs: Silver-voice Leggings, black dye (Classic barter skirmish camp, minstrel only)

Feet: Nenuial’s Boots, black dye (Annuminas barter, medium – also available as ceremonial cosmetic)

Back: Plain Hooded Cloak, black dye (all outfitters, light)


  1. Pointy

    Very nice. i like those leggings.

    I can never understand why they make leggings that have designs and patterns on them when they’re designed to be part of a set that includes a robe – because you’re not meant to see them! Well, I can NOW because there are outfits, but there weren’t when they designed these ones 😉

  2. Nibenon Aphaderuion Nanwë Talandorion

    Very nice, i think il get some of the dye-able helegrod pieces too 🙂
    btw, does anyone know if you can get the “sealed writ of helegrod” (which IS NOT BoA), send it to a low level char (in this case minstrel) get a hunter to port you to riv open and barter it, then put the item in the warderobe (even though the char is below the required level) or is that impossible?

    • Oh I haven’t tried that nor thought of it. Is the Sealed Writ truly not boa? If it isn’t I think what you suggest is quite possible. It only changes into a normal Writ once you have opened it. If what you suggest is true, I have eons of reflection pool quests to do for all my alts 😛 Doing the quests on a Warspeech Minstrel is really fast. Much faster than on my champ.

      • Nibenon Aphaderuion Nanwë Talandorion

        im quite sure that it isnt BoA, and i was asking about the level cos i only have guard/Hunter at 65 and the rest around 15-25, so doing it on a WS mini is not an option 😛 and yes, they are really fast at 65, f.eks the anuminas one (with leardan and the palantir) you just go in, pull everything and kill it (at least on my OP guard :P)

  3. Sneshana from Belegaer

    At last i did the same – spend my helegrod marks for some fancy style-need items than taking the 65 set (even if i should do – but i don’t pve until isengard).
    Another silly story: i only leveled a bard up to 65 to grain the lvl 60 shoulders of the watcher set / 60 pvmp set (Armour of the Wandering Bard), farming rank 3 was a horrible thing even if it tokes me only 2 evenings – i did it solo. And maybe more silly: i spend up to 25gold to barter the loremaster chest piece of the small 65 pvmp (Armour of the Erudite Teacher) set to.

    Style is everything right? :> At last – its fun.

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