Cosmetic Lotro

Lithe blue

Next in the row of three Ceremonial Dresses is the blue one from Thorin’s Hall. My hobbit girl is quite happy to wear blue this summer.

Chest: Ceremonial Dress [Thorin’s Hall version], default dye (Summer festival cosmetic)

Shoulders: Leather Shoulder Pads, navy dye (medium armour smith)

Back: Cloak of the Golden Oak, navy dye (skirmish cosmetic)


  1. Chocoholic

    Wow, it’s wonderful! I like that color! Hmmmm… Maybe it’s time to level my Hobbit a bit further so that she can go to Thorin’s hall as well 🙂 Oh well, I’ve got till July 11th to accomplish that.
    You’ve made a wonderful color combination. Incredible for a newcomer to see how well the designers have made it possible to really dress the way you want to.

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