Cosmetic Lotro

Summer green

When festivals are running, I always try to wear appropriate attire according to the season. I prefer cosmetic items that belong to the festival itself, or something that matches the theme and colours of the new horse. Since the start of the Summer festival my main character Hymne has been dressed in an all green Summer dress outfit. Of course complemented by minstrel items, please don’t hold that against me! I know not all classes can obtain those, but they fit the dress quite nicely. I will try to model the blue and white dress with more accessible items, but Hymne just looks too cute not to share.

Chest: Ceremonial Dress [Celondim version], default dye (Summer festival cosmetic)

Head: Balladeer’s Hat, dark green dye (Minstrel Moria barter)

Shoulders: Songmaster’s Shoulders, dark green dye (Minstrel Mirkwood barter)


  1. Gelmirian has been wearing this one also since the beginning of the festival albeit without all the beautiful minstrel accessories. I’ll post her outfit soon.

    I picked up all the ceremonial dresses on the AH over the last few months. At first I felt a little guilty spending on festival items out of season, but there’s so many things I want from this festival, I’m glad I don’t have to barter for all of them πŸ™‚

    • I understand it may seem like a lot of grind to get all the items you want, but with the Summer Festival it is quite doable. The fishing quests net you depending on your luck between 15-25 tokens in an hour and if you are an Inn League or Ale Association member, running the errands and repeatables is a very fast way to get enough tokens. The slowest way to get tokens is actually doing the “lost items” quests, as they only net you 1 token for running around quite a bit. I do them anyway at least a few times, just because I think they’re fun, just like the bets in the Shire and TH. I can’t resist them (Why does Gladdy always win?? grmbl….).

  2. Pointy

    Holy…. I really like these dresses and have had all three since they first appeared (remember the ‘but it dyes in the dressing room and not in-game!’ complaints?). I have NEVER seen that pattern before…

    The one thing that I don’t like about the dresses (any dresses, not just this one), is that you can’t turn the visibility of the shoes on and off – and for Hobbits it defaults as ‘off’. I get the Lore implications of that but my Hobbit doesn’t want to wander around Forochel without shoes on! πŸ˜€

      • Pointy

        Yes that’s odd too. It’s one reason I liked the way they did the Yule stuff. I liked the ‘shabby gear’ and was so glad it was a two-piece because it meant I could pick my own combinations.

        Also, there’s that really lovely white dress from the store (I think it’s te ‘elf queen’ dress) that comes with slightly pink shoes. Which is fine while it’s white, or if you dye it pink – but they don’t dye if you use any other colour. So… nice green dress, pink shoes. Gah. πŸ˜›

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