Cosmetic Lotro

Protecting the fortress

Even though I am still waiting for my monthly store points to be added after the migration, that did not stop me from taking advantage of the discount offer and do a fair amount of shopping in the cosmetics department. I got a few more cloaks, though I admit I still have cloaks in my inventory that I have yet to use in an outfit. However the more choice the better! I’ve had my eyes on this cloak for quite a while and was very glad it was added to the store a few months ago. My favorite champion is wearing it proudly!

Chest: Ríanham, Evendim blue dye (quest)

Shoulders: Steel Shoulder Guards, Evendim blue dye (armour smith)

Hands: Dwarf-make Steel Gloves, Evendim blue dye (crafted)

Legs: West-land Leggings, Evendim blue dye (crafted)

Feet: Barrow-warrior’s Boots, Evendim blue dye (Great Barrow tokens)

Back: Ceremonial Defender’s Cloak, Evendim blue dye (store)


  1. I have this cloak. It’s called Túrchol. It’s a Northcotton Farms drop. So you can get it outside of the LOTRO store, if you’re diligent and obsessive. 😉

  2. evendim blue is such a beautiful colour*, it looks amazing on your outfit 🙂 really enjoy your blog and as a fellow EU migrater, hope your TPs are sorted out soon.

    *I haven’t found the ‘perfect’ outfit to use it on yet (or have any of the dye ;)) but I *will*!

  3. Christine

    I have a red alternative for you, Hymne:
    Armour: Smith-Klath (same as yours here) burgundy
    Leggings: Sturdy Leggings burgundy (drop or crafted?)
    Helm: Helm of Rohan (burgundy) or Tarchar (white)
    Boots, Gloves, Shoulders, Cloak: Helmingas or Eorlingas, then armour+leggings umber instead of burgundy.

      • Christine

        Unfortunately the name is just “Sturdy Leggings” and there are so many of them. The name is exactly “Sturdy Leggings” without any additions.

      • Christine

        I checked again and the leggings turned out to be heavy armor, level 18 crafted “Crafted Elven Leggings”

    • I’ve always had a hard time finding good leggings for that one as well. It depends what you like but you can try the guardian OD leggings, though they’re not really leggings, or perhaps even the Warden OD leggings dyed white. You can give the Draigoch heavy set leggings dyed white a look. Nice heavy leggings are hard to find. 😦

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