Cosmetic Lotro

Rugged Ranger

Well I’m really enjoying my new goodies from the Isengard preorder. All the cosmetics find a great many uses in my wardrobe, ranging from the finishing touch for an elegant lady to the rugged look for a grungy ranger. I’m sure I will soon tire of playing around with them, but for now, I am thrilled with my new old boots!
There’s one thing I’d like to share about the shoulders used here. These are the Shoulders of Fém but I’ve seen the same graphics from other quests as well. They look like the regular Quilted Cloth Shoulders as sold by armour smiths, but there is something different about these that is very strange. On male characters the rim and the buttons have a dark colour, much darker than the vendor type of shoulders, however the same shoulders on a female look exactly like the lighter coloured vendor shoulders! It’s a shame because sometimes it’s nice to use the darker version, but unfortunately it doesn’t show up on female characters only on males. I have not tried it on dwarves, would be nice to know how they show.

Chest: Dwarf Leather Jacket, umber dye (armour smith)

Shoulders: Shoulders of Fém, umber dye (quest)

Hands: Gloves of the Westfold, default dye (Isengard preorder cosmetic)

Legs: Westernesse Leather Leggings, umber dye (crafted)

Feet: Boots of the Westfold, default dye (Isengard preorder cosmetic)

Back: Plain Hooded Cloak, umber dye (outfitter)


  1. Thanks for the tips on the shoulders. I have only female characters at this point, so I would never have known about the differences. But if I had a male character, I would totally replicate this outfit for him; it’s so manly and just perfect for a ranger!

  2. Fergas

    I think you’ll find tons of possibilities with those new Isengard cosmetics and i surely will love them all 🙂

    But I’m really not in love with the new cloaks. They only look good on male chars. But on my girlies and hobbits they are too big and fat. Hobbit girls have a hunchback and my female champion has too small shoulders for that big thing so it looks very unflattering. But yet I’ve not found a good alternative cloak that suits to the rest of the set 😦

  3. Aldous

    Very nice work as always.

    Are you sure the Westernesse Leather Leggings are crafted? I think they might be an Angmar drop.

  4. Tiran Blade

    Leggings are also barrow scout leggings, and you could substitute the barrow scout gloves and boots if you don’t have the pre-order and I think it would look awesome.

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