Cosmetic Lotro

Like Mister Gandalf!

“Mister Gandalf always has the most fascinating stories about Elves and Dwarves, and he can do tricks! He has the meanest kind of fireworks you have ever seen. I am going to be like Mister Gandalf!”
Though Hobbits cannot really learn any of the more sophisticated arts like Lore Masters and Runekeepers can, they really want to believe they can! So my hobbit burglar stole some of the stuff that is usually worn by the more refined classes and dressed up accordingly.

Chest: Padded Pristine Robe, black dye (crafted)

Head: Scholar’s Hat, black dye (quest)

Shoulders: Balladeer’s Shoulders, black dye (Moria tokens, but also available crafted)

Hands: Westernesse Protectors Gloves, black dye (crafted)

Back: Cloak of the Shining Star, black dye (anniversary cosmetic)

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