Cosmetic Lotro

Grey Company

The Rangers of the Grey Company were dressed in dark grey cloaks and openly wore a silver brooch shaped like a pointed star during the War of the Ring. Admittedly this outfit doesn’t feature a silver star brooch, but rather a green star on the chest. I guess that’s as good as it gets in Lotro outfitting.
When Evendim was revamped in the last update, a lot of new quests were added that result in class specific armour rewards. Though the design of the armour is familiar, what is different is that the pieces are decorated with a star. I just had to go back to Evendim with my minstrel to get the minstrel armour pieces, as I think they are rather nice. The boots resemble the Westernesse heavy ones but the colouring is in reverse. The chest resembles the Medium Leather Great Barrows outfit, but has a star on the chest. The boots  (and gloves but those are not featured in these pictures) are hard to dye as their hue comes out really different than on other pieces.

Chest: Jacket of the Heartmender, grey dye (Evendim Arnorian coins reward)

Shoulders: Quilted Shoulder Pads, grey dye (Light Armour Smith)

Hands: Leather Gauntlets, grey dye (Esteldin Medium Armour Smith)

Legs: Westernesse Radiant Leggings, grey dye (crafted)

Feet: Shoes of the Heartmender, grey dye (Evendim quest reward)

Back: Plain Hooded Cloak, grey dye (outfitter)


    • It takes about an hour to run those quests (at lvl 65 of course), so it isn’t much of a pain. Just start in Tinnundir with The Twilight Estates from Orchalwë and by the time you reach Rantost you have enough for all the armour pieces. Now if only I had a captain! The captain’s armour is wonderful!

      • Geldarion

        I am still wearing the captain armor from the revamped Evendim as a cosmetic at level 65, that’s how awesome it is. Doesn’t dye extraordinarily well, but it is very nice in gold anyway.

  1. Tomeoric of the Riddermark

    CL – great job on all your cosmetics and all your images. I look forward to your posts all the time.

    Quick question – I know for me to take a nice screenshot, I have to adjust my graphic options way, way up. However, your images seem even more incredibly detailed and crisp than the ones I can produce. Would you mind sharing your computer setup, LOTRO graphic options, or any tips/tricks? Thanks and keep up the great work….

    • My computer is very much average, or probably below average in the opinion of the hard core gamer. I still use windowsXP, so directX9. For the screenshots I do put everything on ultra high, but for gameplay I have to tone things down or start lagging badly. As you may notice I prefer to take screenshots outside as the lighting provides better colours. I try to find a background that is fitting for the outfit. I resize the screenshots somewhat, but not a lot, maybe 10%. That’s actually all I do, it’s not really rocket science :P. Sometimes I’m even surprised myself. Still, I would love to have a better computer!

  2. Pointy

    Nice. 🙂 I like the star.

    Your comment about dyeing the gloves and boots reminded me of a similar problem I had a while ago.

    I bought a full light-leather elven armour set for my lady minstrel from rivendell, and dyed the whole thing white from the original colour (the detailing on the set I bought was the green). Weirdly, boith the gloves AND shoes of the set had an odd pinkish hue to them that was very noticeable. It was odd because the base colour wasn’t a red or pink shade. In the end I had to dye them light green so they matched the detail on the outfit. Strange that items that are part of the same armour set dye differently. 🙂

  3. berathor

    i love it!!!!! too bad my computer is for repair the guy said if he cant reboot it he will have to put a new window over it!!!!! destroying my memory of the computer so im giving it to another guy to fix ive been away for 8 days now looking at the dunedain costumes im really unpatiant! ill post my grey company costume soon i use black dye looks more dark grey so i think i might use ether rugged travlers robe or barrow downs chest and feet wessternsesse leggins ranger gauntlets cloak of the golden wood or makeshift ranger mask and cloak of silver star and barrow shoulders and thats it hope to see lotro again.

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