Cosmetic Lotro

Leather straps

“He did not seek glory in danger without a purpose”. A hunter, but not a vagrant. A killer, but noble and with compassion. This hunter outfit is much more ornate and intricate than the more simple ranger outfits. Detailed with subtle decorations and sturdy straps, it represents a man of means, not a pauper.
I have been in love with this outfit from the very beginning, and it probably still is my favorite. When I use armour sets as outfits I usually change one or two things about them according to my taste and preference. In this case I used boots from another set because I feel they are a better match. Mixing and matching individual items is the fun of “outfitting”. To just reproduce an entire set “as is” is not a lot of fun. However this set is so near perfect that it doesn’t leave much room for improvement. This set can now be obtained from Annuminas starting at level 40 (in stead of 50 as it used to be).

Chest: Nenuial’s Jacket, gold dye

Shoulders: Nenuial’s Shoulders, gold dye

Hands: Nenuial’s Gauntlets, gold dye

Legs: Nenuial’s Leggings, gold dye

Feet: Shoes of the Seven Stars, gold dye

Back: Elrond’s Radiant Cloak, yellow dye


  1. Nightmare

    Is there any way to get this outfit without doing the instances? I find it very difficult to get a group to run enough for the proper amount of tokens. Any ways to get the barter items solo? The cosmetic version is all I need.

    • Hi Nightmare, doing the Annuminas instances is the only way to obtain the coins needed to buy the armour at the skirmish camps. Whether you purchase the ceremonial version or the normal version, you still need Annuminas coins. If you don’t mind going hard-core-solo-grinding you could also do the Reflection Pool quests and grind for Marks of Triumph. You can exchange those marks for a Writ that you can use to buy the real armour at the barter in Annuminas.

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