Cosmetic Lotro

Scouting the wilds

To face the dangers and hardships of the wilderness, a ranger needs proper protection. Supple leather that is both sturdy and light, is very appropriate for this environment. The fabrics and colours should blend with the environment, so the scout can approach his target unnoticed.
This outfit is one of many possible variations on the rangers theme. In Lotro there are several nice robes that can be used and all leather items can be easily acquired from the low level medium armour smiths in Combe and Bree. The robe used here is an anniversary cosmetic item that might still be available if you ask around on your server.

Head: Traveller’s hood, ranger green dye

Chest: Short Elven robe, white dye

Shoulders: Quilted shoulder pads, ranger green dye

Hands: Leather gauntlets, sienna dye

Feet: Westernesse leather boots, ranger green dye

Back: Plain cloak, ranger green dye


  1. Brynstan

    Where did you get the robe? I know it was originally a beta thing, but I’m having a hard time getting current info on availability. I wish they’d put it in the LotRO store already…

  2. Hi Brynstan, the Robe was originally released during an Anniversary. I didn’t get it then, but wanted it badly and I just started asking around in /globallff. After a while someone responded and gave it to me!
    As there is another Anniversary coming up, who knows if it will be available again!

  3. Brynstan

    Thanks! Good to confirm it doesn’t bind- I know most cosmetic doesn’t, but you never know… It looks like Anniversary availability was in the Gold Ettenmoors boxes.

    My toons are on Gladden, so if anyone has one willing to sell/loan, a reply here will notify my email

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