Cosmetic Lotro

Springtime serenity

“The Vale of Imladris is my home, my place of birth. I return there every so often to recharge my energy, to think and to remember…” Well, that’s true for my minstrel at least. Sometimes I wish I could go there for real! It is so beautiful and serene. This outfit expresses the virgin freshness of a new spring. Flowers and trees show bright green leafs and soft coloured petals. Everyting is still pristine. An outfit to match the early spring.

Head: White Rose Circlet, white dye

Chest: Exquisite Elven Dress, white dye

Back: Cloak of the Silver Birch, white dye


  1. Devonna

    I love white outfits. It’s not always easy to find clothes that dye a true white. This outfit is beautiful.

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