Cosmetic Lotro

Plain patches

My hunter is a vagabond. He only exists for the sake of adventure and the thrill of discovery. He lives on the road with only the bare necessities. He has only one set of clothes and they have been patched up time and again to make it through another round. He is broke, looks scruffy and generally below any person’s standard. For his outfit I used only the most basic items, and they provide him a real wayward and worn down look. It is a shame there are no cosmetic weapons available in Lotro because I would have him equipped with only a dull knife and a simple short bow. Higher level stuff already starts to look too fancy. I tried several different cloaks and backpacks but in the end settled on the warden’s pack. Even though he is not a warden, he does make wooden weapons and this backpack is what provides the most rugged look.

Head: Traveller’s hood, white dye

Chest: Rough cloth robe, white dye

Shoulders: Quilted shoulder pads, umber dye

Hands: Leather Gloves, default

Feet: Soft stitched boots, umber dye

Back: Warden’s pack, default

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