Cosmetic Lotro

Edoras dress

I know that in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere it’s still snowing, and Winter doesn’t seem to want to end, but where I live in Europe, I haven’t seen even so much as one snowflake this season. The temperatures have been really mild and Spring is already starting. So forgive me for not being inspired to do another Winter outfit, as I’d rather look forward to the coming season.
I’ve been questing through Western Rohan and finished the Helm’s Deep expansion on two of my characters. I’m taking it slow and really enjoying the incredible design that has gone into the landscape. In my opinion this region looks far superior to Eastern Rohan and I really wish my characters could purchase a house in Aldburg.
I have envied the dresses of the women of Rohan since I first laid eyes on them. Yes I want dresses like that, with long wide sleeves, velvet textures and decorative belts, but unfortunately players cannot have those. NPC’s always seem to know where to get the nice stuff and keep it out of my reach. However I decided to get creative and come up with a couple of dress outfits that would not look out of place in Rohan. So rather than this post being about one single outfit, it features a few different Rohirric style dress options.

Chest: Farmer’s Fancy Dress, grey dye (Farmer’s Faire cosmetic)
Shoulders: Combat Pauldrons of Éomer, turquoise dye (Medium Armour T8 Tailoring recipe)

Chest: Ceremonial Dress*, black dye (Lalia’s Market) *the ones from the Summer Festival cannot be dyed
Shoulders: Shoulders of the Helmingas, (RoI expansion cosmetic)
Head: Circlet of Men*, red dye (Lottery reward) *the one from gift boxes cannot be dyed

Chest: Common Long-sleeved Dress, walnut brown dye (Outfitter Bree)
Shoulders: Gwir-palvais, walnut brown dye (Light Armour boe drop from Isengard instance cluster)

Chest: Innkeeper’s Dress, gold dye (Lotro Store cosmetic)
Back: Woodland Ranger’s Cloak, orange dye (Epic Vol.III, Interludes cosmetic reward)

Long-sleeved Summer Dress, grey dye (Summer Festival cosmetic)
Shoulders: Combat Pauldrons of Éomer, orange dye (Medium Armour T8 Tailoring recipe)
Head: Worn Ranger’s Hood, grey dye (Epic Vol.III Bk.5 reward)


  1. These are brilliant and all look very fitting for a lady of Rohan! 🙂 My favourite is the last one with the grey hood, awesome combination. Also, I’m so pleased that the crop of goodies at Lalia’s brought us a dyeable version of the Ceremonial Dress, it’s a great cosmetic.

    Really love all these! 🙂

  2. love the first, is a great use of the farmer’s faire dress, and also the fourth, gold dye has a really nice hue on the innkeeper dress, nice combinations 🙂

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