Cosmetic Lotro




For all of you reading this blog: a happy new year! My first outfit in this new year is not strictly a wintry outfit even though it’s still very much winter outside. The Helm’s Deep expansion delivered some nice robes (crafted and quest rewards), which when used on a male elf or male race of man character are below knee length. When using these same robes on a female, hobbit or dwarf character, they are shortened above knee length. This is similar to some robes that appeared in the Rise of Isengard expansion with different appearances for males and females. To be honest I really prefer the male appearance and wish it would appear full length on females as well. This particular robe is a crafted T9 Tailoring Light Armour robe available from dropped recipes.



The Yule Festival is almost over and you have until Tuesday January 14th to finish any quests should you want to. It’s going to be long wait until the next festival as the time between Yule (December) and Spring festival (May) has been more than 4 months over the past two years, with only a Treasure Hunt and the Anniversary Festival in between. The festivals are still my main reason for logging into Lotro, so my patience will be tested! In the meantime it’s back to levelling alts.



Head: Worn Ranger’s Hood, white dye (Vol.III Book 5 reward cosmetic)
Chest: Wetemnet Campaign Robe, white dye (Tailoring T9 crafted Light Armour)
Hands: Secret of the West Gauntlets, white dye (Harndirion barter, burglar armour)
Feet: Scout’s Weathered Leather Boots, white dye (RoI quest reward, medium armour)


  1. Happy new year! 😀

    cool white outfit! The gauntlets and robe are a wonderful combo, and the third and fourth screenies from the top with the crossbow are very nice, love it 🙂

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