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Finally time to make myself another outfit! It’s noticeable that I haven’t been playing many instances or raids lately, because my medallion pool is swiftly shrinking to an all time low, and there’s still so many fantastic Dol Guldur pieces that I would like to add to my collection! I do hope the level 65 pieces will get converted to cosmetics some time soon, so we can get them a bit cheaper, because I cannot keep up with everything I want this way!
For those who are still after some Ost Dunhoth pieces but have a hard time gathering the Medallions of the Northmen, the good news is that by next update these pieces can be obtained with regular medallions too. I have no idea what they will cost, but Bullroarer will be up soon so we can check. I assume the prices will be in the same range as the Dol Guldur level 65 pieces. And in case you are really running low on medallions too, the Lotro store has two of the Ost Dunhoth sets available from the Mannequins.
The cloak in this outfit used to be different. Ever since the release of the Annúminas cluster in 2007, its color was chartreuse and only the tiny branches and leaves were dyeable. It was a unique and beautiful color. Last year this suddenly changed where the branches and leaves became the undyeable part and the cloak itself will now change color. Personally I still feel sad that this was changed. I /bugged it, but apparently it’s working as intended because it was never changed back to its original state.



The best news of the week comes from the Twitter devchat: as per next update we will get a *free* toggle to opt out of forced emotes! (Yes, free, as in not in the Lotro store but available to everyone!). Now I know this is a very touchy topic on the Lotro forums, but I myself am incredibly relieved that this is finally being implemented. I was never very vocal about it, but I absolutely hate forced emotes. I don’t use them on other people and I don’t appreciate people using them on me either. The fact that this feature will be offered free of charge just gained Turbine a boost in +rep from my perspective, especially because lately every feature seems to come with a price attached.
Another thing coming by next Update are the new armor sets! No doubt it will require some grinding and raiding to obtain them, but at least it’s something new to look forward to and work towards. I really hope they look good and don’t suffer from clipping and deformations!



Chest: Blade of the West Breastplate, Evendim blue dye (barter Harndirion, champion)
Shoulders: Shoulders of the Hopeful Melody, Evendim blue dye (Skirmish camp Classic vendor, Dol Guldur level 65 minstrel)
Legs: Blade of the West Leggings, Evendim blue dye (barter Harndirion, champion)
Hands: Gloves of the Quiet Knife, Evendim blue dye (barter Ox-clan Camp, burglar)
Feet: Reclaimed Nobleman’s Shoes, Evendim blue dye (Great River quest reward, medium)
Back: Cloak of the Seven Stars, Evendim blue dye (Skirmish camp Cosmetics and Classic vendor, Annuminas light set)


  1. Agreed! Giving the lvl 65 DG pieces to the cosmetic skirmish vendor would take a huge weight off of a lot of solo player’s shoulders. I myself don’t raid very often, and it was only from the marks/medallions we got from the Yule festival that I was able to obtain a nice BG shoulder piece. Lovely outfit, Hymne! One of these days I will get around to purchasing that armor set myself – you make it look so heroic and dashing on that elf 😀

  2. It was a shame when they changed that cloak. Less chartreuse in the world of LOTRO outfitting is just a sad, sad thing. 😦 I too am hoping for some cosmetic versions of the BG armour. It will be much easier on the barter wallet!

    I love the vibrant colours in this outfit. The green and blue look really sharp together and feels very Elvish to me. 🙂

  3. What a nice outfit:) I’ve never liked Evendim blue as much as the other blues, but now I changed my mind, this looks beautiful. And I love that screenshot where you can see the arrow flying away:)

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