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Poll: dressing up the mannequins

As you may know, for Update 9 I have assembled some outfits for the mannequins that stand near the armour smiths and outfit vendors in various locations. Currently two of my outfits are on display. When you click on these mannequins you will be taken directly to the store to purchase the outfit as a bundled item.
Unfortunately assembling these outfits was restricted to items that were already available in the store as single items. As you can imagine this restriction is very frustrating, since the best outfits are usually a blend of cosmetics and gear pieces and the best pieces are not in the store inventory.

However, the good news is that this restriction will be removed and I have been invited to assemble another batch of outfits, this time with access to anything in the game, with the exception of the current end game gear designs! This opens up a wide array of options that may have actual potential to become popular cosmetic bundles in the store. So the next step is that I will be assembling a new batch of outfits, which include items that are currently not available in the store, or even available as cosmetics at all. The time frame is currently too short to run a full contest for this purpose and include everyone’s designs, but hopefully I will be able to do that in the future. In the meantime I would still like to integrate your input and ideas as much as possible before I start working on this round.

If you would like to give your suggestions in this poll, or in the comment section of this post, I will do my very best to come up with some outfits that we as players would actually be proud to wear.

You may select a maximum of 3 preferences.


The poll expires on Friday January 18th 2013.



  1. Anything that looks awesome, but absolutely definitely not items that are no longer available in the game. What you make, other people should be able to recreate (given enough time, energy and resources).

    Also, congratulations! I look forward to seeing what you create 🙂

  2. It’s a shame that you can’t work with the pre-75 Moors gear that Turbine removed from the game! Being able to offer cosmetic alternatives to the current Moors gear would be a wonderful addition too, even if it’s a few pieces here and there! It’s a thought : )

  3. Lórinel

    First of all, congratulations! I was really excited and happy to see your outfit combinations available in the store after the update 🙂

    Personally, I would most enjoy cosmetic version of raid armours, especially Dar Narbugud (hunter [whole], lore-master [chest, shoulders], rune-keeper [robe], burglar [whole armour]) and Ost Dunhoth (lore-master [robe, shoulders], minstrel [chest, legs]). I absolutely love their appearance, but as rather soloing player with limited time for Middle-Earth adventures I’m just not able to obtain them and I can only hope to buy these sets with TP one day. It would be awesome to see PvMP items too!

    Good luck with creating outfits, can’t wait to see them 🙂

  4. Floradine

    I have no specific request, just something that would fit a Hobbit lass well or a CEC*.

    I love this idea of a colaboration between Turbine and the actual players and hope to see more of this in the future. How about letting do another horse-design competition? This time maybe for warsteeds? (I suppose Turbine folks are following this poll)

    * “Cute elf chick”.

  5. Thats a really good idea. I`l love to see cosmetic options of the older Moors-Gear. It also would be nice to have cosmetic versions of the teal Ox-clan-Gear (because I assume this would be dyeable)

  6. Woot! This is brilliant news and a fantastic opportunity. I voted that I would like to see older raid armour and the Isen quest gear used; this is because I don’t see many runs for OD (in Feb who knows what tokens they will use?) and the tokens are a bit harder to aquire than those at Skirmish camps (BG/Moria etc).

    Also, my fave cosmetics are the quest rewards from Isengard and often get a lot of people who didn’t gather those cosmetics while questing as I did. Also PvMP since I hate PvP I can’t really gain the gear for cosmetics. Good luck with creating those outfits Hymne sounds a lot of fun 😀

  7. ryfriends

    Congrats! I love to see your outfits avaiable in the store.

    My vote is for the PvMP gear, I hope they’ll come back soon.

  8. It’s exciting to hear that the doors have been thrown open for you to use even pieces not already in the Store! I was hoping that this would happen. I’ll be looking forward to your new designs! 😀

  9. I’d love to see cosmetic versions of some of those old landscape sets back in SoA. I’d also like those old cosmetics updated with a skin upgrade pass. I’m thinking of things like the Sunwatcher Armor. Things that you -might- find 1 piece of while levelling through the areas they drop. The store make a nice alternative route to these lost items. Here’s a link to many of these items:

  10. Anna

    What about Rift and Helegrod raid gear? I already have a complete Rift set (acquired mostly on level) but I’ve long liked the Helegrod set and haven’t ever put out the effort to get it!

    What I really want though, is the medieval dresses some of the lovely ladies of Rohan wear! I want a nice interview with the NPC’s seamstresses! Apparently they get all the good ones and we just get the made-in-the-Easterling-lands imported junk. A nice square neckline, maybe some flared sleeves, a simple metallic belt and make the whole thing nicely dye-able. Oh, and let me wear shoes/boots with my dresses. You can do it with robes… no reason you can’t do it with a dress.

    • Rift and Helegrod cosmetic gear is already available in the store, albeit on a time-limited basis. You can also purchase it at the Cosmetics vendor in the Skirmish camp. As to making new designs: that’s not on the table currently. Only existing items.

  11. Cagney of Landroval

    Oh Pvmp Pauldrons of the Wandering Bard!!! Dear God, PLEEEEASE!!!!! I get so jealous when I see someone wearing it 😛

  12. I would like to see the latest fashions appropriate to the race in each area. What are the lords and ladies in waiting wearing in Bree. And please no Ye Olde Navy. thank you

  13. Radspakr

    I had to put the PVMP and OD sets first.
    The other I chose is for some of the Dunland quest reward and Isen 3 man stuff Gwir Palvais, Cel Crus, Udor Helm, Clanweave Leggings there are so many.

  14. thing

    I’d like to be able to wear the kit the elves around Lothlorien have – those guys guarding the tree platforms. Very cool stuff.

  15. Lasswen

    It’s fantastic to hear this news, and hope it continues in the future. As for the cosmetics I’d like to see, as a mostly solo player anything from raids or instances would be great, and the PvMP gear too!

  16. Amber

    Does anyone know, are the mannequin outfits bound to account or character or anything? I really really want that OD Hunter set. As a solo player, I just can’t grind those medallions!

  17. Vraethir

    This is a good sign of some of the things we saw in RoR Beta and U9 Bullroarer of the devs coming to and using our feedback, Congrats on this both Cosmetic Lotro and to Turbine for utilizing its community.

    The things that should be prioritized for this I think should be those things that are less obtainable these days. So first on that list would be:
    – The old removed PvMP gear that doesn’t exist in game currently.
    – Instance gear like those obtained through the Orthanc instances like the light armor shoulders from the Edge of Fangorn. One of the 2 nice light armor chest pieces has already been implemented via the store outfits.
    – Landscape Quest only gear. A number of Isengard/Great River pieces are great in appearance but are only available in those two zones as you are questing. A couple of these nices pieces were adapted into the Reputation Barter Gear for the Men of Dunland and Theodred’s Riders but not of them were.
    – Dyable cosmetic Raiding gear for OD and ToO.
    – Raiding gear from DN.
    – Watcher helm/shoulders since thats the only thing you can’t get with simply using Moria medallions which are easy to obtain.

    Basically the things you either can’t get anymore once you’ve ‘done everything’ and then things that are harder and harder to get due to drop rates and old content not being run due to poor rewards.

  18. Fairymore

    I am happy to know you are appreciated for your talent Hymne.
    I hope you get to work with Ost Dunhoth and Moria class specific sets. Who does not enjoy the minstrel shoulders from moria(Armour of the Mighty Verse)? I personally enjoy the Hunter helm from the Armour of the Great Bow set, looks unique.
    Thanks for doing this Hymne. Good luck, I cant wait to see what you put together.

  19. Miradira

    As someone who has played less than a year..any gear not currently available or any raid gear thats not really gone after anymore is of high interest…also Wyrmscale cloaks 😀

  20. Yridiel

    I liked the idea of the naked dwarf. There should be something sexy for the women of Men and Hobbits. Make NEW gears. Thin, long boots, shorter skirts, elegant evening dresses or night dresses that are NOT similar to those already existing. It shouldnt be elvish though, I don’t think elves would wear such inappropriate garments. Maybe something similar to the Merrevail dresses? And make something really impressive, queen-ish, bombastic, like the dresses of the bosses in Angmar. And give everyone the opportunity to wear something orkish, for fun, for dressing up, for scaring the kids.

  21. Urahara-san

    Can you make the drop items from the Isengard Instances appear. I mean items such as Gwir-Palvais or Cel-rus
    Also more OD (possibly as seperate pieces) would be nice. I believe there is a post called Now for Wrath, now for ruin and a red dawn. The combi of those items (with exeption of the helm) would be nice to see in the store.

    GL with combining (^_^)

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