Cosmetic Lotro


I have a golden steed! And her name is Laurë, which means golden light in Quenya.

Thanks to the unannounced Lotro store sale this weekend, with 50% off steed color dye packs, I’ve been able to furnish my main character with all possible color options, and my alt characters with a few selected packs. Everyone is at a loss as to how long this sale is going to last, as it isn’t announced anywhere on the store page, and while writing this post the sale is still on.
I have been looking forward to playing with my war-steed appearance options since release, but was deeply disappointed and discouraged when I saw the prices. Now with 50% off, the color packs have finally come within my reach and I busted my piggy bank of TP that I had been saving up for this purpose. I can finally make combined war-steed outfits!
The transformation from dull grey gelding to light golden mare amazed me and I totally fell in love with my steed for the first time. I’m sure I will try out many more appearances now that I have access to everything, but Laurë will always be special.

Today marks the First Anniversary of The Starry Mantle! Please hop over to her blog to tell her how absolutely awesome she is, not because you might end up winning some TP for leaving a comment, but simply because she is.
In addition, don’t forget to cast your daily vote for Harperella, every day from now on until December 21st. This most dedicated and creative Lotro kinship leader deserves the support of the entire Lotro community. She has given us so much, and this way we can give something back, so please vote!

Chest: Festive Azure Tunic & Pants, violet dye (5th Anniversary Veteran reward, cosmetic)
Head: Balladeer’s Hat, violet dye (Moria class trainers minstrel, loremaster, runekeeper or skirmish cosmetic)

Body color: dun
Mane/tail color: tan
Legs: Minstrel’s Leggings (violet)
Accessory: Metal Braided Tail


  1. Floradine

    Turbine should refund you the TP just for these three screenshots in my opinion. And to be honest, I think they should support you as good as they ever could. They really should start to officially pay you for your incredible support that you give them with this free advertising. You always create shots they only can dream of.

    • Ha ha ha funny hobbit 😀 I hope Turbine will never pay me to do anything, because that would mean giving up my freedom to do whatever I want, and that would kill my creativity 🙂 But then, I don’t mind the -50% sales, so those can be continued indefinitely as far as I’m concerned! 😉

  2. Beautiful, as always. While flipping through the color packs, I wasn’t a huge fan of the golden, but this has definitely changed my mind. I especially like your shot with the water, almost as if Laurë is stopping for a drink.
    Thanks for adding the steed accessory names. I wish there were a way to inspect player’s steeds as we do their outfits. I’ve seen some fun ones, but not everyone has time to satisfy my curiosity-driven tells.

  3. I’m so glad you love your warsteed now! I know exactly what you mean when you say you’ve fallen in love with it now with the colors. Once I got my Fram set up with the black chestnut tobiano set up… I just couldn’t stop taking screenshots! Being able to fully customize the steed makes it feel so much more fun. And I love your very elven no-saddle set up!

    • Thank you Cithryth, I’ve been following your different set ups and they’re amazing! Your captain is always an inspiration and she truly looks at home now that she got to Rohan. 🙂

  4. Sig

    Yay you! Your golden steed looks awesome, and as always, beautiful shots you’ve taken.

    I took advantage of the stealth sale too. I figured it’d be my only chance at some colors any time soon! I still only bought 3 (two steed and one gear).

    • I think the -50% sale is an afterthought or an impulse sale, or else it would have been part of the rest of the sales package. I can only hope it’s the first sign of a permanent price drop.

  5. Golden light, golden light… these screenshots are just amazing. The light hide of the horse matches not only the leaves on trees, but also the hair of your elf, I find this so adorable, and Laurë looks majestic 🙂 I started following your blog just recently, and I think that calling you a lotro artist is not an understatement! Keep up the good work!

  6. Mirmo

    Congrats on a horse you can love. I snagged one color pack for my pony at the discounted price, and I finally am learning mounted combat. After the debacle with the pricing, I honestly had no desire to mess with the war steeds. I am level 79 and JUST NOW fighting on mine. Soloed two warbands today on my brown pony, felt good. Now, if they’d do something about the price of the skins…I want a shaggy pony….then I could fall in love with mine, too. At least now, it’s tolerable.

    • Yeah the skins are nice too, but they’re more of a luxury item in my view than the color packs, which are essential. Just being able to change the default colors on your steed makes a world of difference.

  7. Ooooh, such gorgeous screenshots! The golden light highlights your steed beautifully, and I love that you have chosen to go bareback in true Elvish style! I’m going to have to get in there and check out the sale while it’s still on, see if anything grabs me.

    And thanks so much Hymne for the anniversary mention. You’re too kind and it’s very much appreciated! 😀

    • Thank you Starry! What I most like about going bareback is that the lower end of the manes isn’t clipped off. Any saddle or caparison will clip off half the manes, which is a shame really. With full manes the horse looks more natural.

  8. Lasswen

    I hadn’t worried to much about getting my war-steed as I was finishing off Dunland and working on Great River quests (as well as waiting for a friend), but once I saw the sale on colour packs I raced off and got it asap! I only got one horse and gear pack with the TP I’d saved up, so hopefully I’ll be happy with them for a while!
    Gorgeous pics, and lovely horse and outfit! Really beautiful.

  9. Diamint

    I’m so glad you could take advantage of the sale and burn away that crushing disappointment with your sun bright steed. She’s lovely. 🙂

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