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Yesterday when the Farmer’s Faire opened, I posted the previews for the festival cosmetics, and one of the comments on that post states: “Nothing for male characters, once again”. I was highly surprised by this observation, mostly because I think this time around there is a lot of stuff that is nice for male characters. The Farmer’s Faire mount is rather male with its dark horse tack, the tunic & trousers works great for males and though I am not a big fan of masks, I think these “wooden, home made” masks are just awesome for mischievous male hobbits. More than anything though, I think the cloaks are very masculine, and to prove my point, I created a male outfit using the new Hooded Leather Cloak and the Gardening Boots.
Both cloak and boots were designed using traditional models. The boots were modeled after the Barrow-scout’s Boots, though this pair absorbs its dye colours more solidly which gives you more options when outfitting.
For the chest piece I used the Burglar’s Lesser Secret of the West Breastplate, available for Medallions of the Northmen in Harndirion. The OD pieces require a lot of grinding to obtain, so in stead you can just substitute it with a sleeveless Padded Cloth Armour from the Light Armour vendor in Bree or Combe.

The Festival is truly something new and a welcome break, though there still seem to be a few bugs to kill. Hobbits seem to have become teetotalers and don’t need any scolding and there’s something fishy about the assignments at the pond as well. I love the quests for the vendors and mayor and I really like the fishing quests but I know not everyone does. As a matter of personal preference I don’t care for the player competitive element of the egg scramble, but I guess that is a feature that many PvMP-ers do enjoy. Furthermore, I can keep a raid fully healed on the Pinnacle of Orthanc but I don’t seem to be able to escape the keen senses of Farmer Maggot’s dogs. I fail.
Back to trying again today as I still need to get my characters the horse!

Chest : Lesser Secret of the West Breastplate, umber dye (OD Burglar Set)
Hands: Elegant Silk Gloves, black dye (Dunland quest reward, light)
Legs: Westernesse Protector’s Leggings, black dye (Crafted T5, medium)
Feet: Gardening Boots, sienna dye (Farmer’s Faire, cosmetic)
Back: Hooded Leather Cloak, black dye (Farmer’s Faire, cosmetic)


  1. “Furthermore, I can keep a raid fully healed on the Pinnacle of Orthanc but I don’t seem to be able to escape the keen senses of Farmer Maggot’s dogs. ”


    Lovely outfit! I particularly love the boots; it’s a nice alternative to the barrow scout’s boots, which I was getting slightly weary of.

  2. I agree about these being male-friendly cosmetics. I know the first thing I grabbed from the barter rewards was the tunic, since it would work perfectly for one of my dudes.

    And I really like this outfit. That chestpiece, in particular, is stunning.

  3. This is awesome!! Great unexpected combination of pieces from all over the place that blend into a seamless whole, and indeed totally masculine (your dude is pretty built!). Perfect setting for the screenshots, and I love your banner shot. 😀

  4. I also agree that the festival rewards aren’t ‘female heavy,’ but that might be due to playing an Elf who can more or less get away with a pretty flower circlet in his hair 😛 The only thing that I would have preferred would be more garden style boots. Maybe I didn’t take a very close look, but these boots seem extremely similar to various Westernesse versions, without a great detail of detailing that makes them stand out.

  5. Sade

    Nothing for guys?
    Apparently, my view differs from the commenter’s, too. Granted, I tend to see my toons as characters, not as genders. :p

    But those boots… They’re unbelievably beautiful. The delicate flowery detail is something I can’t help but love. Not so sure about the Gardening Gloves, though: why has someone glued a dandelion on hard-working gloves?
    They certainly will have their place in an outfit or two, but their at the bottom of my list of stuff I’d like to get out of this Faire. :p

    The wing-design on the chest-piece you’ve used here might work with the head of grain-detail of the FF outfits, considering their similar lines.

    Other than that…
    Once again, you’ve created a practical looking outfit, able to withstand wear and tear, fitting the role given.
    I like especially how you’ve managed to match the shades and hues, so that it’s all easy on the eyes, despite the relatively busy decorations of the chest-piece and the cloak.
    Thank you.

    • Wow thank you for your kind compliment! I’m glad you enjoyed the outfit, and I agree about the Gardening Gloves. I don’t see much use for them either, but will get them for my collection nonetheless 🙂

  6. Holy moly. Very nice and so lifelike…

    Your skill never ceases to amaze, the way you match pieces from all over to make interesting looks.

    I think you should be in charge of dressing the vendor mannequins; turbine might see better revenue from your outfits. 🙂

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