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Bullroarer Took Contest Winner

I almost fell of my chair when I clicked the link on the Dev Tracker of the Lotro Forums to the announcement of the Bullroarer Took Screenshot Contest 2012 winners. I was sort of semi browsing the forums and halfway a conversation with someone else in the room when I burst out in laughter yelling “that’s my screenshot!”. The other person, being my partner, had no idea what I was so excited about, especially since we were in the middle of discussing income taxes.

For some reason I had assumed that screenshots originating from me or even my fellow outfit bloggers would be automatically discarded as perhaps they are viewed as “unfair competition” for the regular players who do not practice as much at taking screenshots.
Of course this assumption turns out to be a ridiculous fabrication of my own mind and I am proven completely wrong and I feel humbled. Not only humbled because I stand corrected, but more so because of winning a contest that I know has an overwhelming amount of participants.

So I am taking this opportunity to thank the judges at Turbine for awarding me this honour and I hope I am forgiven for my suspicion! /bow

The contest consisted of four categories. Please view the winning entries of the other categories as well, as they are great! Congratulations to Blokken Perian of Vilya for winning Orc Foe, Peddlar of Vilya for winning Life in the Shire, and Balduranus of Imladris for winning Brewmasters!

I entered three out of four categories, and will share with you all my entries. I’m glad the Wearin’ the Green with Hymne was the winning one, as I personally think it was the best out of all six.
Someone on Twitter asked about the hat. I’m not going to list all the pieces, but the hat is available at the Medium Armour Barters in Moria (Orc Watch and Shadowed Refuge) for 3 Medallions of Moria. Any class can barter for it, you don’t need to be a Medium armour wearer.

Click the image to see the entire screenshot!

Wearin’ the Green – entry #1 (winner)

Wearin’ the Green – entry #2

Orc Foe – entry #1

Orc Foe – entry #2

Life in the Shire – entry #1

Life in the Shire – entry #2

Just like the Fashion Contest this was a lot of fun to do. Contests require more of my creativity as the entries have to comply with a given theme or framework.

~ Thank you Turbine for considering my entries and for picking one of mine as a winner! ~


  1. Big congrats! Beautiful combination of the robe and the cloak with the leaves i like that match, I also really adore the Orc Foe#2 entry 😀 I miss a lot of the contests i should start keeping track 😛

  2. Congrats Hymne! I noticed your winning entry this morning. I really loved the whole scene. She looked as surprised as I was when I looked closer and saw that she was surrounded by green mobs. What were those? and where was it taken? I haven’t come across it yet.

  3. Elenluin

    Congratz again Hymne! It was me who asked about the hat( partly as a joke :)), thanks for the info. Life in the shire entry #1 looks really nice too.

  4. Congratulations! A very well deserved win! I absolutely love your winning outfit and the atmosphere in the screenshot. How extremely Elvish! Where is it?

  5. Thank you all for the kind comments and the many congrats I received on Twitter as well!
    @Devonna &@Fionnuala the screenshot was taken in the Limlight Glade, (next to the entrance to the Roots of Fangorn instance). It’s an Elven enclave in the Limlight Gorge where two large Ents share their worries and need your help. I picked that spot because it is indeed very very green! Even the light and the misty hazes are green. But unlike The Old Forest type of green light it is brighter, friendly and magical.

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