Cosmetic Lotro

Song of Eldamar

I sang of leaves, of leaves of gold, and leaves of gold there grew:
Of wind I sang, a wind there came and in the branches blew.
Beyond the Sun, beyond the Moon, the foam was on the Sea,
And by the strand of Ilmarin there grew a golden Tree.
Beneath the stars of Ever-eve in Eldamar it shone,
In Eldamar beside the walls of Elven Tirion.

There long the golden leaves have grown upon the branching years,
While here beyond the Sundering Seas now falls the Elven-tears.

O Lórien! The Winter comes, the bare and the leafless Day;
The leaves are falling in the stream, the River flows away.
O Lórien! Too long I have dwelt upon this Hither Shore
And in a fading crown have twined the golden elanor.
But if of ships I now should sing, what ship would come to me,
What ship would bear me ever back across so wide a Sea?

~ Galadriel’s Song of Eldamar, set to music by the Tolkien Ensemble

Though I cannot even hope to come close to the beauty of the magnificent Lady Galadriel, I can aspire to capture some of her mystical dreamy appearance in an outfit. With the song from the Tolkien Ensemble in my ears (my favorite song of all), I tried to come up with an outfit that is worthy of a minstrel elf of Lothlórien. As basis I used one of the first minstrel outfits I ever made, changed some items and placed her in the heart of Caras Galadhon. This is probably one of the worst places to take screenshots because of the blue-greenish ambiance light, but I decided to do it anyway, and capture the right mood.

If you want to know where a certain armour piece or cosmetic comes from, you can look it up in the Lorebook, by typing its name into the search box. You can equip any piece of armour cosmetically through the wardrobe, even armour that is not meant for your class or level.

Head: Daring Skullcap, white dye (boa level 75 skirmish raid drop, medium)
Chest : Lórien Fancy Robe, white dye (Lothlórien barter, cosmetic)
Shoulders: Songmaster’s Shoulders, white dye (Mirkwood instances reward, minstrel)
Cloak: Cloak of the Shining Star, white dye (4th Anniversary reward, cosmetic)
Feet: Boots of the Galadhrim, white dye (crafted T6, heavy)


  1. Beautiful. I think the nighttime Caras Galadhon setting with the dreamy lighting adds far more here than it takes away, especially since the outfit is such a pure white. I’m loving that skullcap, especially how it is similar to but slightly different than the T6 medium crafted hood.

    The first shot is excellent, with the light welling from her folded hands. Really great outfit. 🙂

  2. Nice lighting and screenshots…I actually like the lighting there (the moment the lights switch on in the evening is best). The LM DN hat would go nicely as well with this outfit (and can also be obtained with DG medallions).

    As for the song, it’s straight out of FotR and not by the Tolkien Ensemble. They only set the lyrics to music. So the credit should go to J.R.R Tolkien. 😉

    • My LM isn’t near that level yet, but I will keep an eye on the sparse and rare DG medal runs. And everything the Tolkien Ensemble sings is written by Tolkien himself, they don’t take credit for any of the texts, and only set things to music. The reason I referred to the music directly is because that’s what I was listening to when I created the outfit.

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