Cosmetic Lotro

Little Elf

In case anyone got confused by the title, this is a hobbit, but she’s also an elf this month! The December mood has hit me hard already, and since I will probably be too busy on the days before Christmas to make any fitting outfits, I am making them now! If you have your own original creative December outfit, don’t forget to post it to the Flickr group! If you set your pictures to “public”, they will be featured in the sidebar of this blog (if you are new to Flickr this might take a couple of days). Have fun!

If you want to know where a certain armour piece or cosmetic comes from, you can look it up in the Lorebook, by typing its name into the search box. You can equip any piece of armour cosmetically through the wardrobe, even armour that is not meant for your class or level.

Head: Padded Hat of the Dunland Soothsayer, forest green dye (Dunland quest reward, light)
: Ceremonial Ajokoira Armour, forest green dye (crafted -Forochel recipe-, cosmetic) *you can place the item in your Wardrobe regardless of reputation level*
Shoulders: Yule Scarf, red dye (Yule Festival, cosmetic)
Hands: West-land Gloves, red dye (crafted, heavy)
Legs: Ceremonial Ajokoira Leggings, forest green dye (crafted -Forochel recipe-, cosmetic) *you can place the item in your Wardrobe regardless of reputation level*
Feet: Boots of the Golden Wood, red dye (crafted -Lothlorien recipe-, medium)
Back: Elk-hunter’s Pack, forest green dye (lotro store, cosmetic)


  1. McFarlane

    That is absolutely darling! I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to copy this, giving you full credit in my Bio comments!

  2. I love your festive outfits. They are putting me in the holiday spirit! I might have to challenge myself to see if I can come up with something cheery to put in the Flikr group. πŸ™‚

    Something about this also makes me thing of the costuming for the musical Wicked, if you’ve ever seen that. πŸ™‚

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