Cosmetic Lotro

Raven lore

I love all things magical. I revere the power of words and the enchantment of songs. I read cryptic texts on old parchment. I treasure stuffy books and ancient scrolls. In my garden, I am free to practice my raven speech and bend the wind to my will. I am the old crone, I am the wisdom of ages, I am the Mistress of Lore.

Head: Quilted Hat, black dye (crafted, light)

Chest: Robe of Leisure, black dye (lotro store exclusive cosmetic)

Hands: Elven Cotton Gloves, black dye (crafted, light)

Feet: Soft Leather Boots, black dye (outfitter cosmetic)

Back: Torahamma’s Cloak, black dye (crafted, light)


  1. wow, i never noticed the skull in bree o.0 the torhammas cloak fits the style greatly. the only thing i don’t like are the gloves – bare hands would be better i think because of light sleeves.

  2. Oh but she doesn’t touch her precious scrolls with her bare hands… she uses soft elven cloth for protection! And the tree is the haunted tree, harvest festival reward, housing decoration object. Great for witches! 😛

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