Cosmetic Lotro

Autumn leaves

The other day I realized that summer is really over. In fact, we have never really had any summer to begin with over here, but beyond a shadow of a doubt autumn is coming. The leaves are slowly changing colour, the wind is blowing hard, the seasons have decided to change hands again. Well since autumn is my favorite season of the year, I like them all but I think the fall is especially beautiful, I decided I might as well get in the mood and prepare for what is coming. This mood inspired me to get my old harvestmath horse out of the stables and find a suitable outfit to ride it.

Chest: Elven Robe, gold dye (light armour smith Rivendell)

Head: Fancy Plumed Hat, orange dye (lotro store exclusive cosmetic)

Shoulders: Elven Cloth Shoulder Pads, rust dye (light armour smith Rivendell)

Hands: West-land Gloves, burgundy dye (crafted, heavy)

Feet: Elven Leather Boots, burgundy dye (crafted, medium)

Back: Cloak of the Fallen Leaves, gold dye (lotro store exclusive cosmetic)

Horse: Harvestmath Horse (Harvestmath Festival 2009)


  1. wow! just wow! i’ve tried to make some outfits using this robe myself, but this is certainly the most beautiful way i’ve ever seen it used. gold really adds everything this robe misses to become a top class cosmetic. very very beautiful!

    • Thank you for the compliment!! πŸ˜€ Actually all the Rivendell armour stuff is soooo beautiful! I never get tired of those designs and keep coming back for them every time. Shame so many players seem to have forgotten about them…

  2. jasonwinter

    Out of curiosity, how do you store all your cosmetic items? Even with max storage space and max wardrobe, it seems like you’d have a hard time keeping it all. Or do you just “clean out the closet” (ie, delete old stuff) on a regular basis?

    • Hi Jason, I rarely keep anything that can be crafted or purchased. I have max wardrobe, max shared storage and max vault on three characters. I have a deluxe house with two chests and two alt characters just for storage. I have chars with max metalsmithing, tailoring and max scholar for all my dyes. I do clear out stuff every once in while, but indeed… I have a lot of stuff πŸ˜€

  3. This is beautiful. I love the Fall season and this outfit captures that wonderfully. My favorite part about it has to be the hat. The feathers look just like Autumn leaves.

  4. Ananas

    Hey there! Lovely outfit, really! I went to Rivendell immediately to find the Elven Robe at the Light Armour Smith. But somehow, I can’t find the robe. Do you mean the Light Armour Smith in the section where all other armour-NPCs are gathered?

    • It’s from one of the two Light Armour Smiths at the market place. Just talk to them both, since I don’t remember if it was the left or the right one. Then ctrl+click on all the robes. Three of them have an orange top, but one of them is this particular robe.

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