Cosmetic Lotro

Teleri elf

Inspired by my numerous dips in the sea this summer, I came up with an outfit for a Teleri elf, known for their love of the sea. The mace is what I would use if ever cosmetic weapons were introduced, and is a drop from the Rift.

Chest: Elven Campaigner’s Armour, Evendim blue dye (crafted, medium)

Head: Helm of Vigor, Evendim blue dye (world drop, medium)

Shoulders: Songmaster’s Shoulders, Evendim blue dye (Mirkwood barter, minstrel)

Hands: Gauntlets of the Golden Wood, Evendim blue dye (crafted, medium)

Legs: Elven Campaigner’s Leggings, Evendim blue dye (crafted, medium)

Feet: Songmaster’s Shoes, Evendim blue dye (Mirkwood barter, minstrel)

Weapon: Goldram (Mace, drop from Rift raid, minstrel)


  1. I don’t liket he helm but the rest of the outfit is lovely. πŸ™‚ The blue has taken nicely to the different pieces, and the mace looks good with it too. I’m hoping they allow cosmetic weapons at some point, although I can see why they probably won’t. Wha’t I’d love to see is the ability to turn visible weapons off when showing a cosmetic outfit. Those RK satchels are hideous. πŸ˜›

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