Cosmetic Lotro

Reed on the river

I am still very much in the mood for colourful and less traditional outfits and the crafted Elven Outrider’s Armour is a chest piece that looks great in many different dye colours. Finding the right pieces to complement is the fun of outfitting. I used the chest piece for my Cloak of the Dragonfly yesterday, and this outfit uses the same piece in another colour and combined with different armour pieces.

Chest: Elven Outriders Armour, yellow dye (crafted, medium)

Shoulders: Nenuial’s Shoulders, violet dye (Annúminas barter, medium)

Hands: Nenuial’s Gauntlets, violet dye (Annúminas barter, medium)

Legs: Nenuial’s Leggings, violet dye (Annúminas barter, medium)

Feet: Shoes of the Seven Stars, violet dye (Annúminas barter, light)

Back: Cloak of the Dreamflower, violet dye (quest Volume II)


  1. Arg. I see using the alias email for the same account doesn’t register as me, so you can delete the other comment and just use this one instead. Sorry about that.

    I should upload and share with you a screen-shot of my sister from long ago, her outfit was so colorful that someone said she should have the Skittles award.

  2. Wow that really does look different from yesterday’s! That top has an odd dye channel, does’t it?

    Looking good. 😀

    btw, why are there suddenly ugly adverts in the middle of your blog, did you know about those?

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