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Elf lookout

Over the last week I obtained an overwhelming amount of new armour pieces, some of which had been on my list for some time already, and some surprise pieces that were not on my list at all. One of the pieces I was still missing from my list were the Songmaster’s Boots from the Mirkwood instance tokens. This week I finally managed to get the last tokens needed and bartered for the boots. They are wonderful elven style boots so I had to design a real elf outfit for them. Of course, the vendors in Rivendell all sell excellent armour pieces that are often overlooked or forgotten, but very usable for outfits. Complemented with some crafted pieces and a lovely cloak from the store my minstrel feels like a real elf again!

Chest: Elven Cloth Jacket, sienna dye (light armour vendor, Rivendell)

Shoulders: August Shoulder Pads of the Golden Wood, sienna dye (crafted, medium)

Hands: August Gauntlets of the Golden Wood, sienna dye (crafted, medium)

Legs: Elven Cloth Pants, sienna dye (light armour vendor, Rivendell)

Feet: Songmaster’s Shoes, default dye (Mirkwood barter, Minstrel only)

Back: Hooded Cloak of the Ibis, sienna dye (store exclusive cosmetic)


  1. Torii/Chosukabe

    I think both Male and Female elves do not look good in Hooded cloaks though, particular female elves, due to thin head.

  2. Love the outfit! I used the chest and pants set for a loooong time, but in purple with a skirmish cloak (Golden Wood I believe is the name). It was a scandal and inappropriate, but I had fun with it for a long time! Now I’ll probably go back and try this idea of yours, very nice composition 🙂

  3. Pointy

    I do love those Rivendell outfits. I have three characters wearing them at the minute in different colours. Some of them do have random colours on the patch detail though, which makes dyeing a bit hit and miss. I’ve never seen any brown tone patches before!

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