Cosmetic Lotro


In addition to yesterday’s heavy armour user with cloth pants, I added some heavy items to my Runekeeper’s dress.  I don’t usually dress up my light armour wearers with heavy items, but I think this fits her rather well. When I created this character I made her super thin. I intended to create a tiny elf, but later regretted pulling that slider all the way to the left because she looks totally underfed. The shoulders give her a bit more fill and actually make her look slightly more normal. Too bad we cannot get a total body make-over at the hair salon as well.

Chest: Gossamer Dress, black dye (skirmish cosmetic, also in lotro store)

Head: Helm of Thranduil, black dye (boe rare drop, Carn Dum, heavy)

Shoulders: Elven Steel Shoulder Pads, black dye (world drop, heavy)

Back: Singed Cloak, black dye (boa drop from New Devilry, Moria)


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  2. Pointy

    Me likey. 🙂 The dress looks really good dyed black. Shows off all the detailing on the front very nicely. 🙂

    Y eah I’ve noticed that using the body type slider can yield rather random results, and looks rather odd in a lot of cases. I think what they needed to do was give you a little more control.

  3. Uriel

    I have some trouble seeing which kind of Elven Steel Shoulder Pads this is (I found two kinds, seems this is a third), do you remember where you looted it, or could you tell me which level it is ? I’d love to use them ! ^^

    • Hello Uriel, they are Elven Steel Shoulder Pads of Might, level 43 yellow world drop. They could have dropped from any monster in the game but I believe it was in Angmar. They are slightly different from the Elven Steel shoulder pads at the Rivendell armour smith as the edges are more jagged and point down. I believe I have seen them as a quest reward somewhere in the game too, around level 45-48, but I have no idea where it was. I think I ditched the quest reward and kept the unbound world drop because I can store it on an alt. Hope that helps.

      • Uriel

        Think you very much for your answer ^^ I found the same model at the skirmish vendor so I won’t have to farm them ^^ Very, very nice website by the way, full of good ideas !

  4. Sweetmint

    I did the same thing with my elven lore-master. After creating some hourglass hobbits and women who are broad-shouldered melee types, I wanted a slight elven caster. Pushed the slider all the way to the left and in-game she just looks sickly. It’s actually helped define her personality, especially in contrast to all my self-sufficient characters. She gets tired easily, has to eat often* and leans heavily on her pets to get her through the day.

    *but only things like soup and oatmeal, of course. There’s no way she could keep a complete hobbit breakfast down!

  5. Vondheim

    For reason or other – I can’t find the gossamer dress anywhere in the LotRO store :/ Any suggestions as to where I might find one please folks?

    • It may be that it is no longer available as inventory changes, or that it was never in the store to begin with and I made a mistake thinking it was. In any case you can get the dress at the Skirmish cosmetics barter. It is not bind on acquire so you could also purchase it from someone else.

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