Cosmetic Lotro

Beginner’s luck

Over the years Turbine has offered several pre-order packages that would include unique in game items. These promotions were offered at the initial launch of Shadows of Angmar and later on for the expansions of the Mines of Moria and Mirkwood. Among other things these packages usually included several starter items, like jewellery or pocket items, food or speed buff goodies and cloaks. Before the launch of the global service, Codemasters was hosting the European servers. When the merger came, it turned out that the pre-order items from Codemasters were different from the pre-order items from Turbine and players on the European servers would not receive their items upon creation of a new character. Turbine solved this by adding both Codemasters and Turbine items to the accounts, so players would not only get their Codemasters items, but additional Turbine equivalents as well.
Since I have several pre-order packages I get a number of cloaks upon creation of a new character, but since the move to Turbine I received an additional Turbine cloak that I had never seen before. Tracing the cloak on the internet tells me that this cloak comes from a PC-magazine pre-sale promotion in 2007. It is my guess that this cloak was added to my account as I pre-ordered Shadows of Angmar.
The cloak is very nice and I like it a lot. Unfortunately like a lot of other pre-order cloaks, it cannot be dyed, so you are forced to match your outfit to the pre-set colours of the cloak.
I don’t think there is a way to obtain this cloak today unless you have the original promotion code, but I would recommend all players, both EU and US to use the reclaim command to check if perhaps you have become eligible for something you didn’t know about yet! You use the command by typing /reclaim in the chat window.

Chest: Light Armour from Thorin’s Hall, rose dye (Thorin’s Hall ally rep, light)

Hands: Gloves of the Vicious Proclamation, rose dye (Evendim barter, Runekeeper only)

Feet: Elven Leather Boots, sea blue dye (crafted, medium)

Back: War-cloak of Isildur, default dye (pre-order item)


  1. the cloak is great! i would also love cloak of the sun set but i didn’t get it yet (i bought SoA special edition, standard moria, mirkwood preorder and now isengard preorder) – gotta try the reclaim ingame 🙂

  2. Kurgan Nazzir

    That’s better than the two ex-CM cloaks I now get. Heck, that’s even a better design than the SoA pre-order cloak I get (that is bugged right now anyway). Though I would like it better if it were hoodless, I like my hairstyles.

  3. I really like that cloak! I just tried out that reclaim command, and I’m not eligible for anything. But it was fun trying anyway 🙂

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