Cosmetic Lotro

Songs for the Golden Wood

The most beautiful and dreamy region in Middle Earth is of course Lothlórien. Once you’ve been there, you just don’t want to leave. It is a majestic oasis in the midst of darkness. A place where songs are born and carried off by Elven voices into the distance. The perfect place for a minstrel to profess the majestic splendour of the Golden Wood.
The robe in this Elvish minstrel outfit is a cosmetic from Lothlórien itself, the shoulders are minstrel exclusive and can be bartered with tokens from the Mirkwood instances, the cloak is a skirmish cosmetic.

Chest: Lórien Fancy Robe, white dye (cosmetic)

Shoulders: Songmaster’s Shoulders, white dye (barter item, minstrel)

Feet: Elven Leather Boots, white dye (crafted)

Back: Cloak of the Golden Oak, rust dye (skirmish)


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