Cosmetic Lotro

Hiding in plain sight

To be honest I never got very far with my burglar, but since my eldest daughter (who is a devoted Lotro player as well) levelled a male burglar I got inspired to create an outfit based on the stalkers and trappers theme. I used two quest reward items for this outfit, that (as far as I know) are not available as loot drop. The leggings come from a quest in Angmar and the boots from an early quest in the Trollshaws. I always base my choice for quest rewards on their cosmetic value. Stats are easily outlevelled, but cosmetics last a Lotro lifetime. The typical headpiece is a skirmish reward, albeit an expensive and high level one, for it requires skirmish marks from the Rift Rescue to purchase.

Chest: Westernesse Leather Jacket, black dye (crafted)

Head: Ceremonial Thrill-seeker’s Helm, black dye (skirmish reward)

Legs: Estelphadanir, black dye (quest)

Hands: Dunfailf, black dye (same item as Barrow Scout’s gloves)

Feet: Rochwen’s Boots, black dye (quest)

Back: Plain Cloak, black dye (outfitter)


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