Cosmetic Lotro

A simple suggestion

There are so many hauberks available that I have a real hard time choosing. Most hauberks can be purchased at the outfitters spread around Middle Earth. There is of course Bree, Michel Delving, Thorins Hall, but don’t forget to check Trestlebridge, Othrikar, Celondim and Rivendell. Then there are some hauberks that are not available from outfitters but drop from gift boxes at anniversaries or can be made by a tailor if he has the right recipe. The Simple Hauberk comes from one of those gift boxes, but is otherwise quite common. I don’t really think it is that simple at all, it is actually quite nice if you combine it with darker contrasting colours. I chose black for this outfit. All the other items are crafted, except for the cloak which is a random world drop.

Chest: Simple Hauberk, black dye

Shoulders: Dwarf-iron Shoulder Guards, black dye

Hands: Steel Gloves, orange dye

Feet: Steel Boots, black dye

Back: Hooded Cloak of the Stewart, black dye

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