Cosmetic Lotro

Mapping the road

Of all things in the story of the One Ring, travel and being on the road is one of the main themes. Some of those who are trying to find their way toward the next town, village or camp make a map of their journey so others might find their way more easily.
The Robe of Viisaus used in this outfit is now available in the Lotro Store, but it is quite easily obtained ingame by following the Epic questline Vol. I to Book XIII. It is one of the better robes to have as a cosmetic because of the way it can be dyed, as any dye colour that you apply will become quite intense and different from the usual colour. The Map-maker’s Travel Pack and Boots are skirmish reward cosmetics, though the Travel Pack is also available from the store.

Head: Pointed Hat, red dye

Chest: Robe of Viisaus, red dye

Hands: Elven Cotton Gloves, black dye

Feet: Brushed Leather Boots, black dye

Back: Map-maker’s Travel Pack, black dye

One comment

  1. Pointy

    I absolutely LOVE this robe. When you first get it, it’s hideously coloured, but the dressing room really shows how good it can look.

    My two favourite colour versions of this are black – because it’s the only robe I’ve found that goes completely black (except for the buckle of course), and burgundy. Burgundy looks really good because oddly most of the robe goes black but just the piping detail goes the burgundy colour. My minstrel still wears this as she wanders around, fifteen levels later. 😀

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