Cosmetic Lotro


Welcome to Cosmetic Lotro! A blogging adventure about my main online hobby: creating outfits for my characters on their travels through Middle-earth in Lord of the Rings Online. It is a creative work in progress and I aim to fill this blog with lots of pictures and ideas in the near future. I hope you will find some inspiration here!


  1. Elentir

    Nice initiative, I’ll check here on regular basis to see what’s the latest hot stuff in ME fashion.

    It might be handy to inform where or how you can obtain the used cosmetic pieces.

    Will you alow other people to contibute on your blog, or send in their own designs?

    • Hello Elentir, thank you for your comments! I list the precise name of the item in my posts, which you can use to look up in the lorebook database of lotro-items: to find out where it comes from. Many pieces share an appearance though, so you might find the same item with a different name several times within the game. I will always list what I have used in the picture. If you have a question about an item in particular, don’t hesitate to ask!

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